Akpos jokes: 10 top collection of the funniest Nigerian humor

Did you know about famous comic Akpos? Read the article to learn his biography and get a dose of humor!

For all admirers of humor we publish best Akpos jokes and facts about his life.

Akpos the comedian

Who is Akpos/Akpors?

Akpors is a well-known Nigerian comedian, considered as one of the best people in Nigerian humor, who became famous for his jokes over all country. In the Internet space his name is a synonym to words joke, humor and nonsense. The majority of jokes from Akpos the comedian are parodies to any person. Also the humorist likes to tell a joke in the form of the story about a certain silly situation into which the person had got. For certain, it is interesting to everyone how career of the famous comedian has begun.

akpors jokes

The first mention of akpors jokes has occurred in Ay's show under the name 'who wants to be a billionaire'. Then the comedian has made a sketch as if he has decided to take part in game. The man represented the cranky person who is ready for everything to receive money. He behaved silly and provocatively. However, it was pleasant to public very much. After a mention of this joke by the young man, the audience became interested in him. People have found his account on Facebook.

His popularity began to grow. Some people even bought full domain on which his funny akpos jokes have been published. There is also a huge collection of funny nigerian videos with his participate.

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Here are some Nigerian jokes by Akpors:

Nigerian jokes by Akpors 2

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Nigerian jokes by Akpors

‘The angry wife and her husband speak by phone.

-Where the hell are you?

- Darling, now I am in jewelry store. You probably remember that little shop where you have seen a gold necklace and diamond and has fell in love witm?

- Yes, my love.

- You remember, I said that I have no cash, but promised you to buy surely them somehow?

- Of course I remember, darling!

-So, I am in pub near this shop now’.

Nigerian jokes by Akpors 1

Nigerian jokes by Akpors 3

‘Akpos goes to grocery and buys dozen of cat food at absolutely low price. The manager of shop thinks that possibly young man has no cats and buys forage for his children. He asks Akpos to bring a cat as proof of the fact that this forage is intended for it. He brings an animal and the manager allows him to make a purchase. Several days later, he comes and buys a lot of dog food. The manager asks him to bring a dog as the proof again. The guy brings a dog. Some more days later Akpos come to the shop with a bag and ask the manager to touch it from within.

-What the hell? It is poo?

- Yes, I wanted to buy toilet paper and have thought that you ask me to bring the proof again’.

‘Akpors and his wife lived in marriage for 25 years and have never quarreled. His friend was very surprised and asked how he managed to do it. He told: We have gone for a honeymoon and rode a horse. During a trip, she has fallen. Then she stroked a horse on the head and said that it is her first time. Then she has fallen again, and said it is her second time. When the horse has overturned my wife for the third time, she took weapon and killed her. I have cried: what the hell? Have you gone crazy? Why did you kill it? My wife made a severe look and said that this is my first time. Since then we live happily’.

Nigerian jokes by Akpors 4

Nigerian jokes by Akpors 5


Humor I abazhayu since childhood, parents always took me to the circus, and I really liked the clowns, because they grew up with humor in mind. Always I like to watch and listen to the various jokes and anecdotes. Which always cheer up and becomes radosno live. I myself love to joke and tell a joke. I really liked the article, and I think a lot of people as well, because it is a very positive and cool, thanks. I will now even more fun and laugh. Thank you, I will wait for the continuation of the article now that I really liked.

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