could this beThe Real Story Behind the 7 Year Old Boy Who was Lynched for Stealing Garri

i saw a story from this website http://otownloaded.com/real-story-behind-the-7-year-old-boy-who-was-lynched/

that elaborated more on the story of the boy who was lynched to death

could they be saying the truth?

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Dear user!

That is an extremely sad news about the mob killing.

Unfortunately, we believe that it can be true. In the society where the democracy is only something that concerns their rights, and not the rights of others as well, things like this can happen.

We cannot comprehend that not one person out of that mob stood out to protect the child. He did a wrong thing when attempted to steal. Yet who knows maybe he was hungry and desperate.

This is what people call "jungle democracy" where the strongest always wins. This in now how it is supposed to be.

The trusted sources showed this news, so we have all the reasons to believe that this horrible situation really did take place.

Here is what we have found on the other resource about the situation:

"It is unclear why the Nigerian Police did not respond to the situation. Jungle justice is fairly common in many Nigerian cities, where the sense that the system cannot provide justice compels mobs to mete out immediate ‘justice’.

The most famous mob killing in Nigeria till date was the killing of four University students in the town of Aluu, Rivers state."

Let us know if any more news is found by you on the Internet. We hope that the police will investigate this murder, and punish those in charge of it.

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