How fraud affected Wizkid's career

Did fraudsters ruin Wizkid career in music? Learn what happened.

What Wizkid say

Recently we have heard the news of a fake Wizkid being caught by the police. It was a girl, who looked just like him. She contacted foreign clients and got money from them for Wizkid's performances. She has managed to ruin his reputation. What happens next?

What Wizkid has to say about the fraudsters?

Now when the fake fraud Wizkid and others are arrested by the Lagos police, the musician got the chance to fix up his reputation. He felt sick and tired of this whole situation. These people really got on his nerves and gave him much trouble. 

 Wizkid about the fraudsters?

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They created him a poor reputation in the world. Many of the foreign clients transferred them money and got nothing in return. Some of them even turned to court for justice, and Wizkid paid out compensations. Some of them amounted to over $40 000! So, financially Wizkid suffered a significant loss. 

Moreover, the fraudsters have opened up a Facebook account, the fake one, for Wizkid and used it for their purposes. The lady who did it even contacted Wizkid's friends and chatted with them on his behalf! 

So, overall he is jubilant she got caught. And Wizkid now has to restore his good name with the international clients and keep up his security on social media and elsewhere! 


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