How to conceive twins – 5 best tips for Nigerian ladies

In the past twins were considered an evil in Nigeria. However, today women wish to have them. Learn what to do to have twins.

Twins are amazing. There was a time in the history of Nigeria, when twins were killed and believed to be evil. Mary Slessor was the lady who stopped the killing of such babies in this country. You may read about it more here. Now the question is how to conceive twins. Can you really do something to boost your chances of getting two babies instead of one?
How to conceive twins

Let’s get more info and fun facts on twins and their development in the mother’s womb to get the answer. Here are several amazing facts on these amazing people:

  • Identical twin form from a mono zygote (one female egg and one sperm cell)
  • They get formed during the first week of pregnancy
  • The twins can develop rather independently in the w conceive twins – 5 t tips for Nigerian omb (having separate placenta). This happens when they are formed on the 2nd day of pregnancy.
  • They can share the placenta, if they get formed later (4-6 days of pregnancy)
  • In our days twins are born more often (your chances boosted by 30 percent!)
  • Moms of twins live a longer life than those of regular kids
  • Mothers of 30+ years of age have higher chances of delivering twins
  • The fingerprints of twins are not identical (even if the DNA is)
  • Only 1 in 250 pregnancies produces the identical twins
  • The lowest number of twins is born in China
  • Oyo State has the largest number of twins in the world

These facts are fun and amazing. But what do you do trying to conceive twins? These following pregnancy tips would help you to do all you can to get the double portion of parental happiness.

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  1. Eat dairy products
     conceive twins – 5 t tips Actually consuming milk and other dairy products can boost your chances of having twins by five times! Vegan women rarely have twins and that’s a scientifically proven fact. So, if you are planning a pregnancy, start preparing for it ahead of time. Change your diet at least several months before the conception.
  2. Take folic acid
    Australians have carried out the tests and discovered that consuming folic acid prior to pregnancy boosts the chances of having twins by one third. In any case doctors recommend pregnant women to take this acid during the first three months. But you may start taking it a month or two prior to pregnancy to attain your goal.
  3. Get some curvesHow to conceive twins for Nigerian ladies
    Scientists have also discovered that women with more pounds on them have more chances of delivering twins. So, being fit and thin has its disadvantages, while being curvy and slightly overweight is good for bearing twins.
  4. Take fertility drugs
    They stimulate the production of eggs in ovaries. It is known that women taking such drugs conceived more than 2 twins at a time. However, such drugs should be prescribed and administered by your doctor. Do not attempt to do it in a DIY fashion.
  5. Eat yam
    How to conceive twins – 5 best tips 1The good news is Nigeria has plenty of such food to offer.  It contains so called phytoestrogen. This hormone boosts female fertility and naturally leads to having more twins born.

These tips on how to conceive twins would also be useful for any kind of pregnancy. They can work if you feel like you have trouble in this area. Or if you just want to get a healthy baby. 


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Answered 1 month ago.

Surest and recognized by official medicine way conceive twins - vitro fertilization. When IVF doctors be sure of several embryos grow, so if parents wish, uterus can put several fertilized eggs. In vitro fertilization - almost certainly way conceive and give birth twins. Also, I read somewhere, that is probability of birth of twins in women, who are breastfeeding. During breastfeeding supplies of calcium in woman's body are exhausted, it is believed, that it contributes conceive twins. How conceive twins national signs and medical advice

Answered 1 year ago.

These are rather easy, useful tips. I admit - Ive always wanted to born twins. I have just one daughter. Ill definitelly use such advices in the future. Its just Gods blessing to have twin children, because they grow together, have the best friend since they born, a real support dyring their life! I realize its hard to be pregnant with twins, because the pregnancy isnt easy. Its worth trying all diets, the drugs, and rest uneasy and ofcourse pleasant chores! Twins make us happy twice, they are the double gift.

Answered 1 year ago.

Of course very interesting and useful advice for those who want to conceive twins. But against nature will not go, of course you can try to follow all these above recommendations, but still as nature decides it will. Perhaps these tips carries the truth, but if it were that easy, the whole world would not have sought help from doctors, and I followed the advice. It's probably more laid to the subconscious, and the thoughts they say can come true, and if you think about the twins, adhering to these tips may well turn out to give birth to them.

Answered 1 year ago.

It's very important and useful tips. I must admit that I have always wanted to have twins, but I have only one daughter. I will certainly use this advices in the future. To my mind it is a real blessing to have such children - they grow up together and they have the best friend and a real support in their lives since they born! Although it is hard to become pregnant with twins and the pregnancy itself is not very easy it is really worth trying and worth all the troubles with diets, drugs and all the rest unpleasant and ofcourse pleasant chores!

Answered 1 year ago.

It's So Beautiful. Twins are definitely very cute. These are great and essential advices. Since i was a little girl i wanted to have a twin but as long as it wasn't possible i gave up this dream. And because i am a woman now, i want to give birth to twins one day. I really have found it very helpful the information that woman who gave birth after 30 have bigger chance to have twins. But genetics is truly very important. I think that twins are truly special, they have a life-long connection that just cannot be broken.

Answered 1 year ago.

Excellent advice, but do not forget about genetics. It may be a miracle, and you will have twins, but it is unlikely! We need to be realistic. The best advice is to find a man in the family who have twins. The probability of conception will increase by several times. Also be aware that twins make a lot harder. It is necessary to prepare the platform - the womb to your solution. We need to eat right and do sports or having sex more often. Give up bad habits - smoking, drugs and alcohol (slowly) and proceed to the point!

Answered 1 year ago.

Children are a gift Divine! Me it seems to that specially to plan birth of boy, girl or twins is wrong. But if it needs nigerian women, we have some folk advices. For example, chances to conceive twins increase in spring and summer. In addition it is necessary to diversify the feed with whole grain, walnuts and eggs. To accept hormonal preparations specially, I would not advise. But if the course of such preparations is needed, then probability of birth of twins increases farther more. And in general, not to my knowledge children starve in Africa. And if Nigeria is the rich African country, then how not better to help to the hungry already born children, what to think of, how to conceive twins.

Answered 1 year ago.
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