How to tighten your skin after pregnancy?

How to keep your skin beautiful and prevent its damage during pregnancy? Find out now.

After carrying a child mother’s skin needs special treatment and care. Woman’s belly, where the baby is growing, changes its form and size, which brings to appearance of excess skin. We need to take a really attentive care of this skin to return it to its primary condition, making it elastic and toned.

Best helpers in this case are exercise, wise nutrition, water intake and skin care. All these are necessary before and during pregnancy, and also after giving birth to your child.

Some women do not need to make any effort to return to pre-pregnancy form of their body. Most often these are women who were physically active and healthy before pregnancy. Physical exercise and fit body is essential. So, if you are planning a child, you should already start doing some kind of sports and taking care of your fitness. Trained body, healthy food, plenty of outside activities – all these can be a key to your beautiful body when you become a mother.

If your pregnancy is a happy surprise, you also should immediately start exercising. But here you have to pay a lot of attention to finding a good trainer who is an expert in fitness for pregnant women. Some light exercises are allowed to be performed on your own, but we strongly recommend that your activities are always supervised by a professional. There is a risk of harming your baby so please be wise.


Also there are some activities that are really useful after giving birth. Here also best would be to get an advice from an expert. There is less danger here, but still, if you do something wrong, it can make your milk disappear. And also it is important to be careful with your body, because it has undergone a serious and difficult process of carrying a child, so be tender and loving to it – this definitely pays you back.

There is one sport that is definitely not dangerous and most likely good for you before, during and after pregnancy – and it is really good for your skin. It is swimming and aqua aerobics. Consider it and discuss it with your doctor.

Next issue to pay attention to is nutrition.

Eating healthy is good always, no matter what happens in your life. It is also true during pregnancy. We all know that a pregnant woman sometimes cannot stop herself from eating things that are not that good. Try to take control of your wishes. Remove all bad products from your home and do not buy them. Make lists when you go shopping and stick to them, not letting anything unhealthy in your cart.

Also it is a really good idea to talk to a nutritionist and discuss what foods are best for you personally.

After giving birth to a child, do not commit yourself to any kind of dieting, aimed at losing weight. It is really dangerous! Your body is still very tender and needs several months of attentive care, do not put any additional stress on it! Best would be to really eat healthy food, giving your body all the nutrients it needs, and avoiding junk food.

Make sure that your food consists of healthy carbohydrates, good plant oils and lean proteins. Eat a lot of greens, vegetables and fruit.

And what is essential – drink plenty of clean water.  Not sodas, not teas or coffee – just clean water. It boosts your metabolism, humidifies your body, and makes your skin tight and elastic. Drinking is good always – so make it your best habit – drink a glass of water every hour of your awake time. Start your day with a glass of lightly warm water right after waking up – this starts your digestive system and prepares your body for an active and productive day.

Some special skin care secrets can also be really good. Use them before, during and after pregnancy.

Exfoliation comes first. Use different kinds of scrubs to massage your skin and remove loose particles of skin. It is easy to make your own scrub at home! You can take used coffee grounds, add some coconut or olive oil, a few drops of some essential oil like lemon, or orange, or grapefruit (you can take any other of your  own choice, read about properties of different oils, there is plenty of information), mix all these ingredients and gently rub into your skin after taking a warm shower. Massage your skin for at least 5 minutes and then leave the scrub on your skin for a few minutes to let useful elements penetrate your skin. And then wash off with water only, no soap. Repeat this procedure every 3-4 days.

It is good to pamper your belly skin during pregnancy. Almond oil, with a few drops of mint, rose tree or lemon, is a perfect mixture for a tender self-massage. It prevents appearance of stretch marks. Apply this oil mixture daily after shower.

After giving birth to your child try also to massage your belly skin with ice cubes. This massage should be not too long, a minute or two is enough to force your skin to tighten a little. It is really good for your skin tonus.

You can chose any of these methods or even all of them and we promise that clever use of these advice helps you achieve your dream body after pregnancy and enjoy every single moment with your baby!

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