What are the most beautiful African lace styles?

Are you interested in the latest fashion trends of Africa and want to see best looks with African lace? Read the article for the best examples.

Beautiful lace

A few people can remain indifferent to tender, airy cloth with a beautiful pattern. It is tat from a variety of thin yarns cotton, silk, wool, linen and even gold or silver.

Lace is a special fabric. Even a small, made of lace insert, can completely transform the clothes to make them elegant and unique. And what to speak of a fully cross-linked material of this dress, blouse, cape, undies. Lacy shawl or scarf, gloves, cape also serve as the perfect complement to any outfit.

Lace is the trend, which not coming down from the catwalks for several seasons in a row. But if before the lace was rather just a part of evening dresses, now it is worn in everyday life.

White lace is used for the creation of airy and light dresses and emphasizes femininity in the best way. Black is a great option for a Spanish-style outfits.

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So cite and chic

But the most fashionable lace is colourful. Especially beautiful it looks in pastel, and candy colours. By the way, if you hesitate whether to wear transparent lace, designers have come up with a special option for you lace clothes with a heavy backing. They may be the same colour, but when the lace and backing are of different colours (the lining is usually bright and lace neutral), it looks originally.

Impressive - don't you think?

African trends have always marked a departure in the strict geometry and the pursuit of asceticism back to nature. Their first passions were, of course, the hippies. Subsequent occasions, whenever the fashion back to the seventies (and it happens, as we know, often).

Today we are going to show the brightest looks created with the help of Africa lace.

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