How to increase appetite?

Do you have problems with your appetite? Do you find your food unjoyful and not tasty enough? Read the article to find the solution of these problems!

increase appetite
   Improving your appetite can be a tough thing to bring to life, especially if you don’t find the food tasty enough or are trying to gain weight. Good appetite is an essential aspect of our lives, especially when you do a lot of sports and physical activity
   However, there is no reason to be worried at all; there are many things you can try to force your organism to consume more food and to start enjoying it again.

Here are some advices to kick-start a healthy appetite.

Don’t forget about the breakfast!

Increase appetite

   Always have a breakfast! You have heard it since your childhood, but breakfast is really the most essential meal of the day.
   A healthy, balanced breakfast launches your metabolism after a long sleep of not eating and prepares your body for the day. Consuming a breakfast will gain you a lot of energy so you will be more active during the day.
   Balanced breakfasts include wholegrain cereals, yogurt and fresh fruit.


Drinking liquids

increase appetite

   You should try your best to drink between 5 to 7 glasses of water or water-based drinks a day.
   Drinking water an hour before and an hour after your meal can improve digestion and ensure that there is not too much food in your stomach. However, avoid drinking too much water before a meal, as this can decrease your appetite and give you a false sense of full stomach.
   Herbal teas are frequently used for increasing appetite, for instance peppermint or anise teas. Drinking a cup or two during the day increases the liquid intake and potentially increase the appetite.

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Avoid eating alone

increase appetite

   It is a lot easier to skip the dinner or not eating what's on your plate if you eat alone all the time.
   Manage to eat dinners with a family or invite your friends or colleagues over to eat together. Enjoying your time, you may even forget that you are eating.

Larger plates

increase appetite

   Try using large plates. Eating food off large plates is a psychological trick, which makes your brain believe that you are eating less than usual.
   In this way, you can eat more if the food was piled high on a small plate, even if it's exactly the same amount of food.

We hope these few advices will help you increase your appetite and normalize your nutrition.


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