How to Be Photogenic – 5 Best Tips for Nigeria

Like to take pictures? Learn how to look good on all your photos and selfies. Get the top notch tips on being photogenic.

How often do you watch your photos thinking “Is it even me or not?” or “Why cannot I just look like I see myself in the mirror?” The reason is that we see ourselves’ reflection five times prettier than camera sees us. That happens because we know exactly how to turn the head or how to smile. We know how to show our pros and how to hide our cons. Camera can be your friend and your enemy as well. Everyone knows it adds at least five kilos of weight when you get on video tape or even just stand on the photo turning your head wrong. Here you will find out how to be photogenic.
how to be photogenic

What types of photos can you make

  • Photos for documents,
  • “selfie” photos of yourself made on your phone or webcam,
  • photos during vacation with local sights and attractions,
  • portrait photos made by your friends,
  • photos made in move, for example while resting and having active vacation.

What is wrong with me?

Photogenic – 5 Best TipsThe correct answer is “nothing”. Nothing is wrong with you, even if every taken photo of you disappoints and seems unattractive to you. People do several very common mistakes about photographs and that is why there are so many people wondering about how to be more photogenic.

The most common mistakes are:

  • Photogenic – 5 Tips for Nigeriato be afraid of camera (when you see someone taking his camera out you try to hide from him and his device. As a result – he or she catches you with an unpleasant or angry face or pose and everything you can think about it is “Oh, no, a bad picture of me… again!”),
  • to worry too much about being attractive (usually it means that person uses too much make up or smile is obviously fake),
  • to show how photographing process is disgusting for you (when person looks like he or she was made to do this and s(he) cannot wait to be free from this unpleasant obligatory).

What you should understand:

  • How to Be Photogenic – Best Tips you are photogenic because you are beautiful,
  • professional photographers do not only work with models from catwalks, they work with “real” people as well,
  • photo is just the other way to express yourself,
  • photos are the best way of keeping memories,
  • camera can be your friend even if in the past it behaved like hating you,
  • all problems concerning being not photogenic is not in your appearance, they are in your head.

What are the main tips

The most important issues you have to pay attention on are:

  • your face and pose,
  • your appearance,
  • your attitude and mood.

Let us sort them out in order.

Tips sorted by the level of importance

Actually, there is no any rating and tips cannot be distinguished to more or less important because only together they are a full recipe of taking perfect pictures.

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Tips about your face

  1. How to Be Photogenic – 5 Best TipsClean your skin. Even if photo is not a portrait, face skin always attracts attention so it should be clean and fresh.
  2. Learn how to appreciate your uniqueness. If you have freckles or unusual eye shape – it is a reason to be proud of your appearance, not to hide it!
  3. Smile naturally. When you smile sincerely, not only your lips are smiling but your eyes also do. Do not hide your teeth from camera nor close your mouth with a hand – it distracts attention and makes photo not live.
  4. Do not look straight to the camera if you don’t wish to look bigger than you really are. Turn your head a little bit and you will see how thinner your face’ lines will be.
  5. Train in front of the mirror before photoset to find out what head pose is the most winning for you. Try to put your head a little bit down and turn it to the left or right.

Tips about your pose

  1. How to Be Photogenic 1Find out what your advantages are. There are no perfect bodies: some of us have beautiful legs, others have perfect shoulders or arms etc. You just need to realize what to show or to hide.
  2. Turn away from camera. The best pose to show all advantages of your physical shape is to turn on 2/3 from camera. In this case, it will not add you some extra weight.
  3. Make your pose easy and relaxed.
    Do not stay straight, better turn and bend your arms or leg, put an arm on your hip.
  4. To make a little optical illusion and make your body thicker, lean to thecamera. It will help to focus on your face and your body will seem smaller.
  5. Feel comfortable. The best pose is the one where you feel yourself relaxed. Nothing hurts, nothing becomes dumb, just pure comfort that will provoke you to a sincere smile.

Tips about your appearance

  1.  Be Photogenic Best Tips for NigeriaWear cozy clothes. It does not mean that you have to wear something oversized, clumsy or baggy. It means that your clothes should be comfortable. Maybe very high heels can make your legs seem longer, but if you cannot move wearing them, there will be no use.
  2. Do not avoid using additional objects. You can always create an interesting and creative image by using a ball or a puppy or anything else. Try to use something that can express your individuality and pay attention to the objects’ size. They should not be too big and distract all attention from you.
  3. If you are a part of a group photo, then try to stand in its center or at least not to be in the corner. Two people who stand on the corners usually seem to be bigger and even a little bit clumsy.
  4. Pay attention to the light. Two photos made with natural and artificial light are completely different. Different types of light need different make-up and imply different conditions, including weather ones.
  5. Use objects that help you to concentrate. For example, if you like reading books, you can take a book with you and use it as some kind of anchor of your concentration.

Tips about your mood and attitude

  1. IHow to Be Photogenic – for Nigeriamagine you are having an adventure. Excited emotions and expectation of fun can make you happier.
  2. Repeat inside of yourself for a couple of times that you are beautiful. Ensure yourself that camera is waiting to see how pretty and attractive you are.
  3. Before going to the photoset, ask your friends or even passers-by how you look. Their answers would make your more confident.
  4. Do not be embarrassed of having a lot of time in front of the mirror. It will help to choose the most spectacular poses and smile.
  5. Be confident. Camera can see if you are confident or not. Just like a dog – it feels whether you are afraid or not.

More exact tips

Additional pieces of advice about your face

  1.  Be Photogenic Never wear too much make up. Even if you want to hide some imperfections of your skin, you had better use some graphic redactors as Photoshop but never put thousands of make-up layers on your skin. The only case when it is appropriate if you are going to the special photoset devoted to the Halloween party or something else in the same specifics.
  2. Better do not use lips glow if you have thin lips because camera “eats” your lips with the shining glow. The best variant is matte lipstick or natural lips’ color.
  3. Make your hairstyle not attracting all attention. If it is too big and complicated, no one would look into your eyes, and nothing but eyes are the most expressive part of your face.
  4. Use matte napkins for the T-zone if your skin has greasy luster. It looks awful on photos.
  5. Make your face live and agile even if you know that static face expression is the best. It will help you to feel relaxed because it is very hard to keep the same face expression for a very long time.

If photo is taken next to the sightseeing

  1. How to Be Photogenic 2If you stand near some big object like, for example, Eiffel Tower, you have to stand closer to the camera. In other case, you would look very tiny and there will be no use of your presence at all. On the other hand, if you want to emphasize the huge height of the object, stay close to it.
  2. Try to make yourself a part of the object by touching it or posing under or on it. Do not just stand straight nearby it, as it is too boring.
  3. Take into account such aspects as light and weather.
  4. Watch that photo is not cut in the middle or in the bottom so not to be with the “cut” legs on the photograph.
  5. Watch that line of horizon is strictly straight to prevent crooked photos.

General advices

What to do

  1. How to Be Photogenic for Nigeria 1Make a few photos, even if it seems that you already have a good one. Choice is good.
  2. If you make photos on webcam or phone, you need to spend more time choosing the right angle and pose.
  3. Ask someone for help while choosing the most attractive photo from a set of similar ones. It will help you to get an objective opinion.
  4. Think of something pleasant while posing. For example, think of your beloved person, cat, or any good memory. It would help you to tune yourself on the right mood.
  5. Try to copy famous models’ poses, but do it before photoset to understand if they are suitable for you.

What to avoid

  1. Try to avoid using words as “cheese” to make an artificial smile. It usually looks not very natural.
  2. Avoidphotos with wrong foreshortening, for example, when camera is too low so face looks very round and not attractive.
  3. Avoid unnatural photos where people stand in strict line like in line-up. Except if it is not a photo of a sport team before competition.
  4. Avoid bad backgrounds. Always pay attention on what is behind you so not to have photo where someone or something is distracting attention from you. Also, avoid backgrounds, where something is above your head (for example, the part of column, etc.).
  5. Avoid “plastic” face expressions. Try to express your personality instead. Make few shots expressing various emotions: happiness, anger, sadness, etc.

Let us sum up the answer on “how to be photogenic?”

  • relax before photoset and imagine it is a game or a theatric performance,
  • prepare yourself by choosing an appropriate variant of makeup and suitable comfortable clothes,
  • train in front of different mirrors (small one to train face expressions and big one to train poses),
  • do not be afraid of camera and photographer, remember that they work for emphasizing your advantages,
  • enjoy the whole process being pleased with your beauty!

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Answered 3 weeks ago.

- Never look askance if you have really bushy eyebrows and you do not know how to do a friendly face.

- You should not do a serious face in photos for a personal archive, be a little playful, but not arching in search of "original" (and ultimately silly) pose with an artificial smile. Just a friendly face in a slight smile, remember that.

Not viplachivat lips, if you want to visually make them bigger and "rounder", for this there are other tweaks,

- Do not slouch, when you sent the camera, and do not lift the shoulders from the strain.

- Try to avoid artificial poses, be as natural.

- Look at the pictures in fashion magazines, and take a mental note of their postures and facial expressions, in order to diversify its collection.

Answered 11 months ago.

Repeatedly faced with such a problem that I display on my picture did not like. Looking at photos where people go very well as they think so obtained. Now read the article clear that the problem is not a problem at all. You just need to worry about this. Photo this is a memory, and they like you is true, beautiful or funny, sad or funny. Any photo will be a memory in the future. But taking advantage of good advice author your photos will always bring you joy and be pleasant to look at them. In most cases you can see in the photo are not genuine smile and sad eyes. I do not understand why not live picture, but thanked the author realized that he needed real smile in the photo and do not hide your teeth from the camera, then the photo is really beautiful.

Answered 1 year ago.

photogenically it is considered a beautiful face in your photos. It needs to possess a beautiful skin without acne, hair arranged in a beautiful hairstyle. Well on the resulting image also has the effect of lighting. Not many people have photogenically, but as written above in the article. it is quite possible to learn by following a few tips, if you have the desire to learn it. In General probably most people would agree that the most beautiful photos happen by accident, not specially posing.

Answered 1 year ago.

From my personal experience I must admit that the most beautiful pictures of me were taken unexpectedly. Some people, when they see the camera may totally change their mood and their behavior which is also effects on the photo. At the bigger part of pictures I look unnatural, afraid, and totally differ from that person who I am in real life, sometimes l can't recognize myself. So my husband takes my pictures unexpectedly - only in this case l can see nice results. I will follow your advices. This tips are very helpful for such people like me, thanks.

Answered 1 year ago.

Photogenic depends on expressiveness and clarity of facial features, than from outer or inner beauty of women or men. Strange, but photos proved, that sharper contours of human face, more issued ahead cheekbones or other irregularities more photogenic! Become photogenic, you just need frequently photographed and then analyzed for any photographs, some clothes and haircut you look better. Fortunately, possibilities are endless digital cameras. Keep in mind, that concept of beauty and photogenic - it's not same thing.

Answered 1 year ago.

I would much rather be a person who looks better in real life than in her pics (and that's what I am).I've thought about this, and I've realised that I rarely look beautiful when I don't show my teeth - as soon as the teeth are out, the dimple shows in my cheek, my eyes start to glimmer and I just look healthy, happy and energetic. I used to feel that smiling with teeth was forced as I never used to, but I've realised that even though that's true, it makes a huge difference in my pics.I look more grown too - rather than a cute little smile.Also, I luckily don't have angles (or I haven't found one) - smiling with my teeth is the biggest thing for me, but I have another friend, she has one stiff angle and expression. When it comes to poses, she sucks it in and crosses her legs to make her look slim, she pops open her eyes too to make them look bigger - the only down point of this is that she appears vain in the process, since it becomes obvious that a lot of effort has gone into 'researching' the perfect pose. When all of us are goofing about, she'll be the one remaining completely fixed and will a doll-facedexpression - it's funny tongue

Answered 1 year ago.

Being photogenic means to be able to show their appearance in full glory for capturing.If you want to be photogenic in the first place to try to relax and be yourself.Choose for yourself 5-10 positions which displays your best features. Show your beauty of the figure or a smile.Decide what a weaknesses you have and try not to show it to the lens. No need to be too self-conscious. Imagine a point on the lens of the camera and look thither. This technique allows you to look beautiful in the frame of the camera.

Answered 1 year ago.
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