Are water births safe?

Water births – safe or not? What does this process mean at all? Is it really good? What should you wait for if decided to spit out a baby this way?

Water birth

None of the available alternative techniques which help mothers are not discussed so hot as parturition in water. As before, and now it has a lot of fans, proving "naturalness" of this method of parturition. But there are also a lot of opponents of that method, it is worth mentioning.

Childbirth in water - a relatively new method, but it is becoming more popular among women around the world. It is believed that it is more convenient, easier, even healthier for the baby - to come into the world easier and receiving more pleasure from this process. Thus, the birth in water: its advantages, disadvantages - an entertaining topic.

Thus, it has "for" and "against" elements.


Happy mother

Water, as we know, has a positive effect on the female body at the time of contractions, first of all, it makes the pain subnormal. It is so since when a woman in labor is located in a deep pool, she almost does not feel her body due to the water that supports it. The hips, back, abdomen muscles and birth canal at this moment are relaxed. As for water, if it is hot it reduces a high pressure of mother’s blood, warm water makes the perineum elastic and relieves stress. This reduces the likelihood of gaps and the need for stitches. At this described situation she is relaxed not only physically, but also psychologically. During delivery a baby you can take any posture in water, so you can amuse any one in which you will feel most comfortable.

For a child to be born like this is also considered to be good. Why?

It is cleared up that stress, which is experiencing a baby during birth, no less than the mother. After the water surrounding in which it lived for nine months, the kid falls into a completely different environment. In one moment everything that was usual changes. Even light and air are new, so causing stress in baby’s body.

If the birthing occurs under the water, the environment assists to adapt better to the new conditions. Thus, the baby falls into an uncommon ambiance smoothly, leaving his body with a very slight stress.


Is it blood?

For a doctor to conduct such delivery is more difficult than the "traditional" one. And the woman must be ready for everything she will have to do without the use of medication.

Although the whole process is less painful and more smoothly, but the woman gets tired. The vacuity quickly becomes cold and warm water after 3 - 4 hours begins to lose its benign elements. So every 2.5 - 3 hours need to completely change the water.

There is a risk that the baby will swallow too much liquid. Lungs of each infant are arranged so that at nativity they must finally reveal. This opportunity gives the first breath of a baby. If it happens beneath the water life of the baby may be in out on a limb.

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How to prepare for it?

To come to that determined decision mother has to think well, talk to doctors and relatives. But if a woman chose "water way" better to do it in a clinic. Experienced professionals if necessary supply proper medical care.

The advantages of that procedure sound pretty convincing but people usually prefer traditional childbirth. Nevertheless, interest to this continues to be unabated.

Water – is known as the most effective, affordable, cheap and also convenient way to remove generic pain. When a birthing mother is immersed in the pool the water supports her bones and muscles. This releases energy to her uterus. The more a woman is immersed in aqua, the greater its volume is pushed, and the more fabric is relaxed. When it happens, full relaxation occurs internal tissue that allows the child to move freely.

That is, before deciding in favor of that particular child-bearing, you should consider everything carefully. Hasty steps and momentary desire can lead to extremely negative consequences. Remember this!


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