Can bitter leaf cause miscarriage?

Did you ever try bitter leaf, which is often added to many African dishes? Reading this article you may find out what advantages and what is more important disadvantages it may bring to women`s health.

bitter leaf

A green imperceptible scrub, growing in African tropics, is actually a real panacea for many diseases. It is known as a bitter leaf or scientifically Vernonia Amygdalina. This plant has a quite bitter taste, but it is very widely used in cookery, in many traditional African dishes.

This scrub is very rich vitamins, protides and minerals.

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It can help you deal with many, quite serious illnesses. For example, you can restore your pancreatic gland, drinking bitter leaf-infused water three times a day. Also, it can help you to fight saccharine disease, lowering the level of sugar just as special medicaments do. If you suffer from stomach ache, you need just to ruminate some leaves and will soon feel ease. Statistics show that people, suffering from malaria, take bitter leaf during first three days, they will soon recover. Vernonia Amygdalina also possesses antibacterial effect, and that is why it can prevent people from tooth problems and deal with many skin illnesses. This plant can prevent the development of cancer, or if the person is already suffering this horrible disease, it may slow its progress and reproduction of cancer cells. It can help you avoid many heart problems, such as blood-strokes and heart attacks.

bitter leaf

Also, it may help pregnant women during their parturition. It stimulates the uterus and in doing so fastens the whole process. But you should be very careful and remember the most important: bitter leaf stimulates the uterus, and if the woman with early pregnancy takes this plant, even as a remedy, it can cause serious consequences. This plant may cause miscarriage.

So, be very careful. And do not neglect your health.


I miscarried my twins on my frist trimester and it broke me..I can't hear anything.. After sometime, when I was ready, we tried again.. we tried and tried until one day, we found ourselves on an IVF clinic.. and yes, we did it.. it was expensive and after two failed rounds and continues heartache, we decided to try a different route.. even tried acupuncture and Chinese herbs and still no sign of pregnancy.. I was about to give up but my husband wasn't ready to do that.. he searched and I tried different medicines available on the internet (nothing to lose).. after cycles of pills from conceiveeasy, I am now 18 weeks pregnant.. miracles do happen! :)

Answered 8 months ago.
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