Can climate changes help to predict Ebola outbreaks?

What are the reasons of developing of Ebola virus? How many people died because of this disease? Read the article to learn the information about dangerous illness.

Ebola outbreaks in Africa

Virologists said that for Ebola virus other climate isn't an obstacle. Ebola outbreaks in Africa happened at the beginning of summer of 2014.

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Carrier’s temperature is important for virus. As for ambient temperature, through which the virus is transmitted, it doesn't matter where the virus is widespread and what climate does surround it. That’s why it’s impossible to predict new Ebola outbreaks.

Ebola outbreak facts

Ebola outbreak facts

The first outbreak of fever in the territory of Western Africa was in autumn 2014. Earlier the disease extended only in the Central and South Africa. In the person the virus gets through infected predators, which eat bats – virus sources.

Especially the situation is complicated by the fact that according to customs of aboriginals, it is accepted to keep died tribesman in Africa several days on air, and then to carry to the place of burial and to kiss him before it. Thus, one infected person is capable to infect the whole settlement.

Ebola outbreak status

Ebola outbreak status

We will remind that the outbreak of dangerous infection in the west of Africa has begun at the beginning of summer 2014. 11 African countries and especially Guinea became the main center of defeat. Ebola can be transmitted in the airborne way at contact with infected people. Statistically, from 25% to 90% infected people die.

According to existing data, since the beginning of Ebola outbreaks, 1779 people have ached with its fever. In total 961 persons have died from virus.

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