Can depression lead to death?

What are the widespread reasons of death at depression? What diseases can depression cause? Read the article to learn more about it.

Can depression lead to death

Can depression lead to death?

Does depression lead to death? You know that depression is dangerous for your mental stability. But did you know that it is also dangerous for your physical health? If not to treat it, it can become uncontrollable and do physical harm. Depression leads to death. Depression not only can promote the development of diseases, but also lead to the neglected state, interfering with treatment thereby. Timely curation will help to avoid the risks.

Depression cause of death – the reasons

  • Depression and heart troubles. Researchers show that depression can lead to the development of diseases of the heart, to deterioration in already existing problems with the cardiovascular system, and to complicate a path to recovery. Depression can increase the risk of developing of the heart attack. For people with depression, the risk of death in the first six months of the heart attack is increased almost for 20%. The way of life and habits, such as bad food, smoking, alcohol, refusal of physical exercises often accompany depression and badly affect a condition of the heart.
  • Depression and diabetes. If you have depression, you are capable of starting to eat, to smoke badly, miss training and to gain excess weight fast. All this can increase the risk of development of diabetes of the second type. If you already have diabetes, depression often prevents to follow certain rules, which help to keep a disease under control. Regardless of the fact what is in the first place, depression death statistics show that about 20% of people with diabetes also suffer from depression. A combination ‘depression plus diabetes' is very dangerous in the absence of treatment.
  • Depression and obesity. If you have depression, the risk of development of obesity is increased for you. Actually, depression increases the risk of development of obesity by 58%. If you have obesity, then the risk of development of depression for you is also rather high. Partially because there are ways which help to lose excess weight independently, but the feeling of depression prevents you to take care of the own life. Besides, depression can lead to the increased secretion of hormones of a stress, which promote accumulation of fat in a stomach.
  • Depression and decrease in mental capacities. The long depression leads to the reduction of the volume of a brain. This statement is especially true for elderly people. Scanning of a brain of the elderly people having depression has shown a big shrinkage in certain areas of a brain, then at elderly people without depression. If not to treat depression in due time, it leads to increased risk of development of Alzheimer's disease, senile dementia, and stroke. The more depression episodes have you had in life, the higher the risk of development of weak-mindedness in advanced years is.

Depression cause of death

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  • Depressions and dependence. If not to treat depression in due time, you can have a desire to get rid of its symptoms by means of drugs or alcohol. But it doesn't help. Moreover, these substances lead to aggravation of depression and complicate treatment. Abuse of drugs or alcohol can lead to depression initially. Drugs, alcohol, and depression always make a very dangerous combination. Therefore, it is so important to start treatment of depression and to get rid of abuse of psychoactive agents as soon as possible.
  • Depression and cancer. 25% of people having oncological diseases are in the depression. Some researchers show that influence of depression on the immune system can accelerate development of cancer. In one research, it was established that at patients with a breast cancer who suffered also from depression, the risk of a recurrence of cancer and premature death was higher than at patients without it. Research results also show that patients with depression and cancer have a high growth rate of tumors. Treatment of depression and participation in support groups during a course of treatment from cancer helps to increase mood and to displace an emotional distress.
  • Depression and pain. Chronic pain can lead to depression and if not to treat depression, pain can amplify. At people with depression, attacks of a migraine are three times more often. Researchers show that people having depression complain of physical symptoms, such as pain, 50% more often. Depression complicates treatment of pain. Pain aggravates depression. The stressful combination of pain and depression can lead to isolation and to a strengthening of depression.
  • Depression and death of suicide. If not to treat depression, the risk of suicide increases many times. Two-thirds of all suicides are caused by this mental state. If you sometimes caught yourself on a thought of death or suicide, you need to seek for the immediate help. Distribution of favorite things, sudden attacks of fun, a talk on death as about escape from oneself can be the warning signs, which can prompt that the person having depression prepares for suicide. If suicide seems the only possible exit, it is necessary to ask for the help urgently.

So depression can lead to premature death from cardiovascular diseases. Most often, it is coronary heart disease. Psychological violations increase the risk of early death from a stroke. Such violations occur as depression, problems with sleeping, concern, and the increased uneasiness, uncertainty. These signs are peculiar to about 15%-20% of people. There are many kinds of this disease: depression after death of mother, depression after death of spouse, but at any of them, you have to receive a medical help.

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