Can tea cause kidney stones?

Very small kidney stones are unlikely to cause many symptoms. It may even go undetected and pass out painlessly when you urinate. The reason why most kidney stones form is not known. But sometimes drinks and food can provoke the formation. Read more.

tea and kidney desease
Urolithiasis is a disease of the kidneys and urinary tract. It is characterized by the formation of stones (calculi) in the kidney and urinary tract stones. Therefore, this condition was named as kidney stones.

Urolithiasis or Nephrolithiasis is the medical term used to describe stones occurring in the urinary tract.

tea and kidney desease

Drinks which cause the kidney stones.

So, can tea and coffee cause kidney stones? If you frequently consume coffee and other caffeinated beverages, urolithiasis is almost inevitable. This is the conclusion of scientists, doctors - urologists from the University of British Columbia in the Canadian city of Vancouver. After research, they presented data according to which people, who daily drink more than two cups of coffee, quickly increase the content of calcium in the urine. Besides, in the urine is increased the content of magnesium, citrates, and other substances that are directly involved in the formation of the major types of kidney stones.

This conclusion applies to healthy people, who did not suffer from the kidney stone disease before the examination.

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People who already have symptoms of kidney stones or are at risk for this disease should avoid from drinking coffee.

In no case, coffee should be given to children. Such action will cause significant harm to children's fragile body. Not only stones and sand in the kidneys, but the kidney disease should be a cause of rejection of this drink. Coffee has a diuretic effect, but not the same as the herbs for the kidneys have a mild diuretic effect.

Coffee actively removes fluid from the body, which is very harmful to the kidneys.

kidney stones

Tea can cause kidney stones.

Why does tea cause the kidney stones? The products containing caffeine, and at the same time dangerous for kidneys it is not only coffee but tea also. Drinking hot tea can cause the kidney stones. No need to drink a lot of strong tea, it is better to drink plain purified tested filter water. It should be done not to provoke the formation of stones in the kidneys but also protect from other diseases. Also, the diet for kidney stones will help to get rid of stones and from the disease itself.

tea drinking and kidney stones

The formation of stones can be a result of drinking too much of hot tea, which contains a large amount of oxalate. Oxalate is one of the key chemicals that lead to the formation of kidney stones.

Particularly worse is a cold iced tea; it is better to replace it with plain water.

Additionally, the use of such products as milk, oranges, salads, eating lots of potatoes, nuts, rhubarb, chocolate and spinach lead to the formation of the disease.


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