Did McDonald twins survive?

What is the secret of the story of two twin brothers? What were the consequences after the operation of McDonald brothers? In this article, you will find all necessary information about the life of children.

mcdonald twins

Medical phenomena: a miracle for twins

Anias and Jadon McDonald were an incredible event: the children, who were called at the same time a curse, and a miracle.

McDonald twins with the conjoined heads were finally separated from one another as a result of the 20-hour procedure. But even the professional surgeons almost stopped the operation halfway.

Anias and Jadon MacDonald are currently recovering in hospital after a deadly operation.

Responsible for the division surgeon, James Goodrich, says that what happened is incredible.

Somewhere in the middle of McDonald twins surgery, Dr. James found it necessary to suspend the procedure. It became clear that they need more brain tissue than expected. Even though the use of 3D-images for training, doctors were unable to avoid unpleasant surprises.

With each new cut, blood pressure and heart rate of Anias fell sharply. In the end, the doctor could find Goodrich 'loophole' – and continue dividing conjoined twins.

mcdonald twins surgery

Finally, McDonald twins separated: Jadon could leave the hospital at seven o'clock in the morning. But Anias was still on the operating table. Anias returned with his family only in the morning. Doctors warned that he could face serious physical problems. Parents of twins were in the waiting room until the operation was over.

Parents’ love as a cure

Nicole, their mom, decided to share all the details on her page on Facebook and in the McDonald twins blog, where thousands of people still continue to follow the story of two boys.

The woman said that she did not cry when the doctor came out of the cabinet. She found the strength to be thankful for, but her powers almost left her. She felt that their family was on the verge of the great changes. All she had is hoping for the best.

Anias and Jadon were born in September of 2015. They were attached to each other with their head crowns.

Nicole and 37-year-old Christian claim that their children were perfect in their original form. However, both parents realized that the division is the only chance to provide children a normal life. The mother and father brought Anias and Jadon to the hospital to one of the world's most respected surgeons. He aimed at the division of heads of twins. The cost of operations is $2.5 million.

mcdonald twins separated

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McDonald twins conjoined were taken to the operating room at 7:15 am. For Nicole, it was difficult to decide on such a move: a woman had grown accustomed to everything and changes seemed scary. But she knew how important it was. Nevertheless, the most frightening were the danger of bad events. The twins were the second and third children in the family. The first child was a boy Aza, who had no health problems.

Twins are janiceps. This condition occurs about once every 2.5 million births. Based on national statistics, it is an amazing event. The doctors were shocked that kids have lived up to 13 months of age. About 40% of janiceps twins are stillborn. The third part of such dies within the first 24 hours.

If twins-janiceps survive the first day, remains the 80% risk of dying before the age of two years. At this point, it usually comes to the division. By itself, the separation procedure carries great risks. It can leave one or both of the twins with the development of serious complications.

Brave parents did not allow the thought of giving up their children.

mcdonald twins blog

The consequences of an operation

Anias is likely to suffer more severely than his twin brother. The separation was carried by the surgeon James Goodrich, who specialized in cases with the Siamese twins, conjoined with their heads. Plastic Surgeon Oren Tepper also was in the operating room, to recover the skulls of children and apply each of the stitches on their heads.

A team of experts has spent months for the planning and development of the strategy, including the use of physical 3D-model of the boys' heads, as well as a computerized 3D modeling on working out different scenarios. The operation was more complex than the surgeons had expected. Anias and Jadon had spent 72 hours in intensive care. The recovery period took a few months. In the next few years, the boys will continue to recover. The doctors will continue watching for them.

mcdonald twins conjoined

At the moment, everything is in order. Both babies are alive, although the result of the operation has the different impact on their health. According to Dr. Goodrich, speech skills of the twins were not injured. During the operation, work was carried out on the back of their brains. However, there is a chance that Anias and Jadon will face difficulties with movements. Goodrich said that it's impossible to fully realize all the damage at the moment. This is because the children were too small at the separation. None of the boys had yet been able to crawl or walk.

Parents of toddlers were able to cover a significant part of the operation cost 2.5 million due to health insurance. However, they still need to collect about $ 100 thousand. Anyone can make his or her donation to the twins’ page on GoFundMe.


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