Does lime burn fat?

Not everyone knows about beneficial effects of consumption of lime. Numerous studies have shown its ability to improve our body and health state. Read this article and learn more about this tiny green fruit!

Does lime burn fat?

Natural ingredients in citrus fruits provide numerous health benefits, such as preventing deadly diseases, along with improved appearance and activity of the digestive system.

Not every woman knows about the amazing properties of lime for weight loss. In our kitchen, it is unlikely to meet this little green fruit. A lemon is close about lime; is more familiar to domestic consumers, and many also suggest that the lemon and lime are the same.

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Actually, the difference is not only in the mass and colour but also in chemical composition. Consequently, lime may have a different effect on the body. For example, lime is an excellent assistant in a struggle against excess weight not only due to vitamin C, such as big as in lemon,  and other included components. In some cases, the lime juice is more useful than the aggressive lemon, in particular for people suffering from diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. So the famous lemon diet is still inferior to lime because of usefulness and efficiency.

Chemical composition of lime

This little fruit actually contains a huge number of different vitamins, minerals and other substances beneficial to human health. Regularly using lime, you will provide an invaluable service to your body.

Does lime burn fat?

Lima special value attaches to the presence in its composition of the following substances:

  • Vitamin C is a great fat burner that also supports the immune system and prevents root disease-causing viruses. The actual problem of modern medicine is the lack of vitamin C in the body of each of us. The inclusion of lime in your diet will raise the overall vitality, improve the condition of hair and nails, the function of internal organs and, of course, accelerate the process of losing weight;
  • Vitamins A and group B — vitamins of beauty, is indispensable for the maintenance of female beauty. If you regularly use lime, we can safely abandon pharmaceutical preparations containing these vitamins. Slim figure, luxurious hair and strong, clean, smooth skin is the result of exposure to vitamins A and group B;
  • Minerals (potassium, calcium, iron, phosphorus, pectin, thiamine) that are included in the chemical composition of lime will help to support the work of the body and internal organs in particular in the period of weight loss. If you stick to a strict diet and do not feed the body with useful microelements, it is possible along with the weight to lose health and beauty, as well as purchase a number of diseases.

Useful properties of lime for weight loss

The extra weight is usually the consequence of wrong nutrition, poor functioning of the gastrointestinal tract or other diseases. Lime juice saturates the body with vitamins and minerals, able to regulate the internal organs. The result of the coordinated work of the body, a proper metabolism is a slender, toned body.

Does lime burn fat?

Vitamin C enhances the process of burning body fat – by the way, this principle works and cranberry for weight loss. Essential oils restore the digestive process. Additionally, the lime juice helps to cleanse the intestines. Despite the fact that the lime juice enhances the secretion of gastric juice and thereby increases the appetite, during normal operation of the digestive system food helps to saturate the body with nutrients, not storing fat layer "on the sides". Lime juice has a diuretic effect, resulting from the body coming out all the excess liquid, and with it — and unnecessary substances, salts, toxins, harmful bacteria.

How to use lime for weight loss

In order to lose weight, it is enough to have fresh lime in the fridge. To prepare a miracle cure from it is very simple! You need to prepare a glass of clean, warm water, squeeze the juice of one lime and stir. This drink you should drink two glasses a day 20 minutes before meals.

Based drink lime with ginger and grapefruit has a more powerful effect on extra pounds, as each of these products helps to normalise digestion and fat burning. Add lime juice and grapefruit to grated ginger syrup. This sour-bitter mixture should be taken before eating.

After a week of use of lime, the result will be visible to the naked eye! During weight loss by using this fruit is not necessary to torment the body hunger strikes, it is enough to reconsider your diet. Eliminate fried, reduce the consumption of starchy foods, salty and sweet. Eat often, but small portions.

Does lime burn fat?

If you set a goal to achieve significant results in a short period of time, without exercise, it is not enough. At any time convenient for you: morning or second half of the day — take 15 minutes to exercise. Note: drink water during a workout is not necessary — it can cause pain in the spleen.

The process of weight loss should be progressive, no sudden jumps in weight. Lime will help to part with excess weight without harm to health, without the need to go on starvation diets.

Moreover, this bright green fruit has many other beneficial qualities and is a means to fight from many diseases. Among the advantages of this fruit:

The fight against cancer

Studies have shown that the citrus limonoids, which are a key element in citrus fruits such as limes, can fight cancer.


Lime contains vitamins and minerals like B6, folic acid, flavonoids and potassium. In addition, lime is rich in vitamin C and enhances the flavour of other fruits such as apples, oranges and pears.


 A high level of acid contained in the lime juice effectively prevent the growth of cholera. In some cases, the researchers found that the lime juice kills the bacteria. Thus, the addition of lemon juice in the food that you eat reduce the risk of cholera and can prevent fatal bowel disease.

Does lime burn fat?


Lime contains five sesquiterpene hydrocarbon components of the connection along with two sesquiterpene alcohols, which are unpleasant and even harmful for mosquitoes. However, the smell of citrus is pleasant to humans, so buy mosquito repellent with lime or another citrus.

Weight loss

Overweight people can help themselves to get rid of it if they drink two glasses of warm water mixed with the juice of this fruit every day. The citric acid in kime will help to burn fat.

Stay healthy and slim!

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