Does soap kill sperm?

You do not want to use ordinary contraceptives and want to try something new, in particular, soap? Read the article and find out does soap kill sperms.


Age of life of spermatozoon in the ambient depends on the external conditions (temperature, humidity, and others), but usually lasts not longer than a couple of hours. In the female reproductive system, sperm remains active in average for about 2-3 days.

After the emission, seminal fluid can reach the ovicell within 90 seconds, so douching after condom breakage, as protection against pregnancy, is absolutely ineffective.

So, what about the soap killing seminal fluids?


Soaps and shower gels cannot protect against unwanted pregnancy. Remedies, that destroy sperm within several seconds are spermicides, but they should be introduced into the vagina for 20-30 minutes prior to sexual contact, but not after it.

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Human semen is alkaline, and the soap is also alkaline, while the acidic environment has the negative effect on semen, therefore theoretically sperm may remain on the soap over time, and thus can maintain sperm viability. However, this time period is very small, since in addition to the alkali soap contains many different substances, which adversely affect semen. No one can give you more precise answer about the time, during which the sperm will die, as the seminal fluids viability is determined by various factors, such as the initial state of a man`s gametes, a set of factors that characterise the external conditions. Due to the fact that in addition to the composition of soap sperm is influenced by various environmental factors, it should be said that even tap water affects the sperm adversely, since the contact of sperm with water sperm is diluted, resulting in shock of sperm which causes the fast death of them.


So, at that moment when you wash your hands with soap and water after sex, sperm is affected not only by soap but also by water. So that the main mass of sperm is mechanically removed with water and any spermatozoon is left on hands or on a piece of soap, some spermiums die under the influence of environmental factors.

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