Fertility calculator: how it works?

Why do you need a fertility calculator? When you find out how it works, you will love it!

Fertility calculator: how it works

It is well known that the best time to naturally get pregnant is in the short period from one day before your cycle to several days after you ovulate. However, many women have difficulties when trying to find out the correct time when they are ovulating. Fertility calculator helps you in planning your future pregnancy. And it is very simple to use it. So if you want to see a positive result, when you will check your pregnancy next time, read this article and find out how to do it.

Fertility calculator

When is the right time to get pregnant or opposite how to prevent unwanted pregnancy? These are very common questions for each woman on the Earth. It is very easy when using your natural female periods. However, it is quite difficult always to remember the information about the current day. So how to know when you can get pregnant, and when your chances are very low? There is a great thing called an ovulation calendar. It tells you lots of important information. For example, if you want to get pregnant as fast as possible, you can find out in advance when is the right time for doing it.

Fertility calculator

So let's talk about how to use the fertility calculator. Ovulation calculation is a way of trying to predict the day when the egg is released from the ovary. If you have regular menstrual cycle, the fertility calculator can be very useful for you. Every woman has fertility in the different time, but if you give the ovulation calculator your data, it will show you all the periods of your cycle. Fertility calculator will ask you for the relevant information needed to complete the analysis. It is necessary to fill all the boxes and provide accurate details. Usually, calculators ask the date of your last period and the length of your average cycle. Also, you need to write in your age, weight and height.

It is very important to know when you have the ovulation during your menstrual cycle and when are the best chances of you to get a baby. Time of your fertility is a crucial factor. Fertility calculator can help you to predict the best time for getting pregnancy and even to know in advance the sex of your future kid. If you want to better chances of getting mom, use this great tool and get pregnant.

The fertile or ovulation calculator is based on your menstrual cycle: from the first day of it to the first day of the next day of menstrual cycle. Let's say your cycle was 30 days like it is for most women. So if you knew your cycle was 30 days from one period to another, calculator just subtracts 14 days, which means you are ovulated on the 16-th day. The same way it can calculate if you have 28 or 32 days long period. Of course, you can measure your temperature and at the 16-th day you would notice a rise in temperature, which corresponds to the rise and progesterone levels. However, it is much easier to use such tools as fertility calculator and ovulation calendar to find out the best time to get pregnant.


10 things you need to know about the ovulation calendar

If you are looking for a better control over your menstrual cycle, stop looking further. Ovulating calendar is definitely what you need. You can manage your pregnancy goals using one stop software. And there are so many amazing futures in it.

1. A typical startup screen shows a calendar with all your menstrual cycles periods. Usually, you can start by selecting your first menstrual day on the calendar, which will automatically populate all your period's information.


2. It is very comfortable that some of the calculators have a calendar where you can use filters such as the date of your menstruations, non-fertile days when you can't get pregnant, low fertility time, a likely day when you can conceive and your ovulation time. Yes, so much information all in one place. For example, it can say that you are not fertile today and your chances of becoming pregnant are very low.

3. Ovulation calendars can tell you your potential period of pains before menstruation.

4.    Usually, you are not fertile while menstruating; however, the calendar can recommend you to abstain from intercourse. Or when it says that your chances of becoming pregnant are very good, and then you can try to become pregnant.

5. Some of the calendars even allow you to edit a particular day, when you had last time sex.

Fertility calculator for Nigerian

6. There is a fun future in some calendars, that you can even check the date of birth and Zodiac sign of your future kid according to the date of conceiving.

7. Good calendars can save for you the history of your menstrual cycles and the entire statistics. All this is very useful when planning the pregnancy.

8. You can get specific information for current day and any other date in the calendar. Knowing this, you can prepare yourself for a better pregnancy and plan it thoroughly, so everything gets perfect.

9. It is better to choose calendars with the possibility to confirm password and to keep your personal information secret.

10. If you are very busy, fertility calendars can configure reminders and set them on your desktop. And you will always know when is the right time for making your wishes come true.

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Fertility calculator 2017

If you don't want to take such birth control methods like pills and other unnatural things, fertile calculators and ovulation calendars are just perfect solutions for you to do this. This software can better your private life and help you to control your fertility time. It doesn't matter if you want to get a child or you need to pay your attention now on other aspects of your life, fertile calculator will be your personal gynecologist and helper.

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