How diseases spread from one person to another?

What is the list of diseases spread through saliva and how are they spread? How can you get an infection by rats or cockroaches? Read the information below to learn more about your health.

Diseases spread by cockroaches

How diseases spread from one person to another

Each infection has the characteristic mechanisms of disease spread. Formation of these ways happens during the long evolutionary process. It is a peculiar way, by means of which there is a movement of the activator from the infected organism. In principle, this is the mechanism of reproduction and preservation of virus population. All process during which there can be a transfer of infectious diseases is subdivided into several stages:

  • the activator is allocated from a direct source to the environment,
  • the activator is in the external environment,
  • the activator takes root in the organism.

All infections are transmitted on such way though some details of transfer can differ that is usually connected with features of the primary source of activators. For an example: if primary localization of the activator is blood, then blood-sucking insects are an integral part of its transfer.

diseases spread by kissing

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Diseases spread by mosquito

In recent years, disease outbreaks happen less often and usually happen after a rainy season in Eastern and Western Africa and Zimbabwe. Carriers of an infection are malarial mosquitoes. The risk of infection among tourists is minimum if, of course, not to be in a dangerous zone in the period of epidemic. There is no preventive vaccine, therefore, be well protected from stings of insects. Main symptoms of a virus are high temperature, headaches, the inflamed lymph, the most severe joint pains, and sometimes rash. Recovery occurs approximately in two weeks though joint pains can disturb a long time. At pregnant women, the infection often leads to an abortion. Blood test allows making the exact diagnosis. There is no special treatment of the ONN virus, except relief of symptoms and rest. Serious consequences of a disease aren't recorded.

Diseases spread by rats

Diseases, the sources of which are pets, are called zoonosis. Causative agents of diseases, the carriers of which are rats and bats, can be bacteria and viruses. The diseases, which are transmitted to the person from rodents, are extremely dangerous. Considering that many people hold houses of decorative rats, mice, rabbits, it is extremely important to learn what it is possible to catch an illness from mice and rats.

Consider those:

  • contact with the waste of an animal origin,
  • the use of the infected food and water at which there is a dung or urine of rodents,
  • through an open wound at the hit of animal urine,
  • indirectly through cats and dogs,
  • by means of the parasites living on rodents: fleas, mites,
  • through airways in the places polluted with the waste of rodents.

Diseases spread through saliva

Diseases spread through saliva

If about safety during sexual contact many things were told, not all people know about probability to catch unpleasant and sometimes deadly diseases through a kiss.

 The probability of infection with venereal diseases through a kiss is minimum and almost close to zero. However, there are less dangerous, but extremely unpleasant diseases, which are transmitted through saliva through micro-cracks and other damages to an oral cavity.

  • Hepatitis B and C. Some researchers confirm probability of such infection, but there are no documentary recorded cases meanwhile.
  • HIV – only one case of infection of HIV through kiss was documentary recorded, but it raises some doubts. It is about infection of the woman sick with periodontitis who had the protected sex (with condom use) with the cohabitant addict, at which HIV was diagnosed before. There is still a question whether there was a sex really protected, and whether the common syringes, safety razors, toothbrushes, etc. were used.
  • HPV. The research in 2009 has provided the evidential base of the fact that these diseases spread by kissing and oral sex.
  • Syphilis – such danger is proved. There are not enough documentary recorded cases of transfer of syphilis through a kiss because often in such relations, oral sex took place, and such danger of infection is proved for a long time. However, a rash of secondary syphilis in oral cavity bears the risk of infection of the partner.
  • Gonorrhea – only one case of infection of the person through an oral cavity is still documentary recorded. It was the woman who has indulged in oral caress with the man who had gonorrhea. Contact of her mouth and his genitals became the infection reason.

diseases spread by kissing

Diseases spread by cockroaches

It is known that cockroaches live in those places where there are water and food. Therefore, they choose us as neighbors. In search of food, insects can run not only on kitchen tables but also to a garbage can or a container. In these, there are many various bacteria, which cling to an armor of insects. After they investigate garbage can contents, cockroaches can return on a table and extend those bacteria, which they have picked up recently. Imagine now that you have forgotten to clean food from a table or left sweets on it. This is not the best situation, isn't it?  First of all, red cockroaches are the main carriers of the following diseases:

  • Tuberculosis,
  • Trachoma,
  • Diphtheria,
  • Salmonellosis,
  • Infectious hepatitis,
  • Poliomyelitis.

Besides the above-described diseases, insects can also become the cause of allergic reactions.


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