How much sperm is needed to get pregnant?

How much sperm is needed for the pregnancy? How much sperm should get a woman to conceive a child? How much sperm is needed for conception? Answers to these and other questions are in this article.

how much sperm is needed to get pregnant

There is a so-called ‘rule of one’. How much sperm is needed to get pregnant? Very little: only one active spermatozoid. Yes, to fertilize the egg it takes only one representative from the men’s semen.

During ejaculation in the woman's vagina is injected millions of sperm. But the egg gets only one – the quickest and most viable. Having reached his prize, a sperm fertilizes an egg cell. Then, the fertilized egg must attach to the uterine wall. Now over nine months the fetus will actively grow and develop.

Is always only one sperm needed? Yes. Rule of one is used in the conditions of artificial insemination. You will need a large amount of sperm, but the reason is different. Among the millions of applicants for fertilization, there must a single character exist.

how much sperm count is required to get pregnant

Standards: the required number

So, how much sperm count is required to get pregnant? And how much sperm does a male have? Few people know, but in order to get pregnant, there is a certain rate of sperm count.

Do you know how much sperm does a man produce a day? Studies have shown that a single ejaculation in the vagina gets an average of six milliliters of semen. For the average man, this figure is four milliliters.

As a result of research, it is concluded that for a pregnancy four milliliters of a seminal fluid are enough. This amount is determined by the sperm at the time of first sexual intercourse. Subsequent acts within a short period of time will give much less semen and will decrease each time. Despite this, at the time of ejaculation for the fifth time, it will be enough sperm to fertilize the egg.

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how much sperm does a male have

Whether the pregnancy is possible of a small amount of sperm?

Before we deal with the sufficient number of sperm, we should clarify the features of the female body. Every woman has a menstrual cycle, during which there is a production of hormones. They are produced by the body to the uterus and vagina were preparing for a possible future pregnancy.

Mid-cycle is characterized by favorable conditions for fertilization. Accordingly, the closer the day of ovulation is the more beneficial conditions in the female genital organs for sperm are. If sexual intercourse takes place before the rupture of the follicle, pregnancy does not occur, because the sperm dies in unfavorable conditions. If there is no much sperm, the birth will happen anyway, regardless of the number.

Even if you got a few drops of semen into the vagina at the time of ovulation, the pregnancy is unlikely to be avoided. But there is a possibility of sperm getting lubricated. The reason is that the lubricant and sperm pass through the same channel. Therefore, followed by sexual intercourse, grease residues fall into the seminal fluid. The second scenario in which pregnancy can occur: oral sex. After the ejaculation during oral contact, the man wants to prove his strength in bed naturally. In a fit of passion, a man may not really thoroughly wash his penis and immediately proceed to the new carnal pleasures.

Thus, the introduction of the remnants of semen contributes to the possibility of conception. Such a possibility exists when the man used an interrupted sex, but after a while started a new sexual intercourse again before washing his penis really well and without using a condom.

how much sperm does a man produce a day

Physiology of conception

On the men's cells affects the vaginal microflora, no matter how healthy the man is. By nature, the flora is an acidic environment. It's extremely difficult for the sperm to maintain its vitality in such circumstances. Most sperm dies on its way. The remaining amount of semen gets into the fallopian tubes. There they will form a barrier to the movement against the ‘flow’ of fluid, so most of them are eliminated from there again.

Most persistent reach the fallopian tubes and the one or two activists penetrate the egg. Thus, there is a conception.

The risk of not getting pregnant

Couples who are planning a pregnancy should be aware that successful conception does not depend on the number of sperm. The posture, in which they are having sex, depends on the success. If a woman stands with the thighs up for a while after having the ejaculated semen inside, she helps the inflow of spermatozoids to her egg.

Our main question: how much sperm is needed to produce a baby? We come to the conclusion that there is no exact number, which will determine the sufficient number for fertilization. The most important thing in this process is not quantity but quality. If there are problems with both partners’ sexual health, the sperm can be any number, but the pregnancy will not come.


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