How to make lemon water?

What is the simplest recipe of lemon water? How to cook the lemon water for weight loss? Read the article to learn more.

How to make lemon water

How to make lemon water?

Support of water balance is vital for good health, but many of us don't use enough water every day. A citrus is considered an important source of vitamin C, which strengthens bones and muscles. Lemon water will serve as the graceful addition to a table for dinner and refreshing drink for every day. You can make the drink in house conditions, following several simple steps.

  • Put a glass jug in the freezer the day before you plan to cook lemon or lime water. This is an optional condition, but such cooling will longer help to keep the drink cold on a table.
  • After the freezer, the jug takes a cold, frosty form and is ideal for cooling of guests in hot summer day. You can put glasses in the freezer in the same way that each of guests has tried the drink with most cooling effect.
  • Prepare fruits. Remove any stickers and carefully wash out fruit, as you will add them to water directly with a peel. Cut a lemon or a lime on segments on a chopping board.
  • Water will be even tastier when mixing lemons with limes.
  • Cut a lemon/lime across, but not lengthways. You have to get equal ringlets. Therefore, a citrus will look better in a jug.
  • Remove all pits that nobody has choked and drinking was more pleasant.
  • Add fruits to a jug. Slightly squeeze out rings of a lemon and a lime that they have started up the juice and at the same time have kept attractive rounded shape. The density of fruit is less than the density of water and they will float on a surface so if you wish to receive more concentrated drink, add an ice layer that it held a citrus below a water surface until is melted down.
  • Pour water in a jug. The longer your drink will infuse, the more saturated it becomes. For this purpose, put a jug in the refrigerator at least for three hours so that fruit have started up more juice. If you have decided not to cool a jug in advance, this step will make your drink more cool and refreshing.
  • The same fruit can be reused for the next portions of water of a lemon or a lime. When a little fragrant drink remains in a jug, add a little more water to a jug to make more infuse.

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Benefits of lemon water

Benefits of lemon water: lemon water and belly fat

To lose excess weight by means of a lemon has become possible thanks to special characteristics of the citrus fruit. It normalizes work of digestive tract and promotes restoration of mineral exchange in our organism. In the middle Ages, this fruit was considered the irreplaceable remedy. For this reason, the field of its application was rather wide. In the east, the yellow citrus was applied to the treatment of wounds. Among the modern techniques of weight loss based on a lemon, the use of water with a lemon enjoys popularity. Water plays an important role in exchange processes and has a number of useful properties and if to use it together with a lemon, it will have a lot of advantages. Water with a lemon for weight loss among adherents of a healthy lifestyle and healthy nutrition became the real panacea from a set of diseases.

Using water with lemon juice, the essential amount of lemon acid, which increases the acidity of a stomach, comes to our organism, thereby promoting the acceleration of the process of digestion of food. Besides, it promotes effective splitting of not only fats but also slags and toxins saved up in an organism that facilitate their removal from an organism. This drink somewhat reduces and dulls feeling of hunger that it is especially important for those who fight against excess weight. Quite often, we confuse hunger to thirst and instead of drinking water, we load an organism with unnecessary calories. This drink, fortunately, satisfies both requirements at once. It satisfies thirst and dull feeling of hunger. Besides, the pectin, which is contained in a lemon, has the ability to bring heavy metals out of an organism.

Such drink will become good complementary application to any diet and the excellent addition to a daily food allowance. This drink has diuretic and bile-expelling effect; therefore, at its use, it is necessary to drink in addition a lot of pure drinking water.

lemon water and belly fat

How to make lemon water for weight loss?

There is no universal recipe for cooking of lemon water for weight loss. However, there are various options and it is possible to use any pleasant one, as they don't differ from each other by efficiency. There are some recipes:

  • Add a lemon segment to hot water in the morning, to allow to stand and drink by little. This drink speeds up work of a gastrointestinal tract and accelerates the process of splitting of fats. During the day, it is possible to eat a couple of segments of a lemon as the addition.
  • Add lemon juice from a half of a lemon to a glass of warm water. It is possible to add to such drink also a teaspoon of honey. It is better to use it before sleeping or in a half an hour until a breakfast.
  • Crush one lemon together with a peel and add the received gruel to warm water for all day. Such drink promotes purification of an organism from slags, therefore, serves as the fine remedy of a detox.
  • Mix lemon juice and warm water in equal proportions and drink such fusion in thirty minutes prior to the meal.
  • To accelerate the process of weight reduction, it is recommended to add to green tea two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar and a segment of a lemon.
  • It is necessary to use lemon drink for weight loss competently not to do much harm to own organism instead of the advantage. Therefore, at the initial stage, it is necessary to use a glass of water with lemon half juice addition, and already then two glasses with the addition of juice of one lemon. It isn't recommended to drink more than two glasses of drink.

It is also possible to drink lemon water for skin. The way how to make lemon water for skin doesn’t differ from the described below.

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