How virginity test is done?

People are wondering whether the virginity test is dangerous. How is it performed? Should girls be afraid of it? You’ll find all the answers in this article right now.

virginity test

Why does a pretty young girl need such a specific procedure as virginity test? Inspection of hymen can be conducted by gynecologist for medical reasons, and according of the wish of the girl (or her representative). One of the most common situations is virginity test before marriage.

If you need to go through this test - feel free to contact good clinic! If you are under 14 years, please contact a specialist yourself. Anonymity treatment, specialist’s delicacy, absence of psychological discomfort after the visit will be guaranteed. only you and your doctor will know about your problem. Let us consider two main variants of indications for this examination.

Virginity test for women

Virginity test for women

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Most specialists are sensitive to their young patients who have applied to this issue, so you should not hesitate to state the reason for the visit to the clinic – ‘I want to get tested for virginity’ - it is absolutely normal and natural.

The presence or lack of virginity is a regular gynecological examination. After putting off the clothes, you have to sit into the gynecological chair reclining or lying down, buttocks closer to the edge, with wide apart, raised knees and bent legs, resting your feet in a special stand. You should also relax. You first need to visit the toilet before entering the cabinet - free the intestine and bladder.

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At the base of the labia majora the doctor pulls the skin with subcutaneous fat in front and down the axis of the vagina using index finger and thumb: if this there is a clearly visible hymen with all its details and changes. Attention is paid to the peculiarities of its structure, shape, type, thickness, width, and then the specialist begins the examination of the free edge. A small plastic umbrella is put in. It crushes the edge of the hymen, and it becomes more accessible for visual inspection.

Gynecologist drew attention to irregularities, seizures, thickening performance, especially the edges and their color. If there was no damage, the hole in hymen usually has a diameter of about 2-2.5 cm. In order to study the character of the hole a doctor may use a magnifying glass or a special magnifying device, which is called Colposcope, as it is not always possible to distinguish the natural hymen from occurring rips or tears.

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In nature recess hymen mucosa has a uniform edge color matching the color of the surrounding tissue. In the place of the strain, the edges usually have a whitish color due to the formation of scar tissue. Although in some cases scars are thin and soft, they hardly differ from the surrounding mucosa.

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Another test for virginity is trying to pull one or two fingers into the vagina. If the reduction ring is felt and it is impossible to enter into the vagina fully without damaging the hymen. Indirect signs of virginity, in addition to the integrity of the hymen may be the elasticity of the external genital lips, coating labia minora, the narrow entrance of the vagina and significantly pronounced folding of the vaginal walls.

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