If someone who is hiv positive kisses you and saliva gets on your lips can you get hiv?

Worried about possibly being exposed to hiv or something

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The actual methods of HIV infection (nowadays are only three, which are known medicine):

1.HIV is transmitted through blood. For example, injection was made by common syringe or the use of non-sterile medical instruments, blood transfusion, the use of drugs on the basis of blood dubious origin, organ transplantation.

2.HIV is transmitted through any type of unprotected sex. Infection most often occurs during anal sex, due to damage to the intestinal mucosa "the receiving" partner.

3.HIV can be transmitted from an HIV-infected mother to her child. It is worth noting that the risk of infection is minimal child during pregnancy. Usually, it happens during childbirth and while breastfeeding.

The virus cannot be passed in a domestic environment, as well as airborne droplets way, when using a patient's cookware, clothing, bedding, bath, toilet or shower. The skin reliably protects a person from getting infections inside, so infection by shaking hands is impossible too (unless of course both persons do not have bleeding wounds).


It has long been established that HIV infection is in the body fluids of a sick person. This fact makes many people worry about it, who taking care of your health. In this case, often the question is asked: "Is HIV transmitted through kissing?".

The doctors are trying to identify the source of infection each time when the diagnosis is HIV. This is a necessary condition in order to understand what measures are needed to prevent further becoming infected of the population. According to the control of HIV / AIDS in the US indicate that only one case of HIV transmission through kissing was recorded in history. Moreover, the infection occurred for the reason that an HIV positive - infected partner, who had mucosal injury in the oral cavity, bit his healthy partner. The bitten partner got a wound, which began to bleed. In this way, the infection occurred through blood, but not via saliva.

You can not worry, HIV is not transmitted through saliva. It's impossible. The largest number of infections is - in the blood, semen, vaginal lubrication, and breast milk. HIV infection is not available in the patient's saliva. If HIV infection is in the saliva, this amount of infection has very low and safe concentration and it is not enough for the infection. Therefore, the question: "Does kissing transmit HIV, if the mouth no wounds" has a negative answer. In this case, the infection is impossible, even with a deep kiss - with sucking your partner's tongue and lips, not to mention the kiss on the lips. If your mouth has no sores, gums do not bleed, and the lips do not crack and do not have herpes, you can safely kiss with HIV positive partner - the risk of contracting the disease is excluded.

If you have a sore mouth, your chance increases - you can become infected with HIV. But this is possible only on one condition. You can get HIV if the presences of mucosal damage in the mouth have both partners. If you have bleeding wounds on the tongue, cheek, lip or gums, doctors do not recommend kissing strangers.


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