If someone with hiv puts their earring in your ear could you get hiv?

I'm scared that so might have contracted hiv but I don't really know anything about hiv.One day I was with a friend and he put his earring in my ear and a day or two later I started feeling weird I went to the hospital and they did blood tests and everything.i went again twice after that and they said the same thing.

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Dear user!

Your worries are completely understandable. However, from your explanation above it is not quite clear what the doctors said to you, and what the results of the tests performed on you were. If the results are negative, then you have no reasons to worry. That is the most trustworthy way to find out whether or not you have HIV.

Another thing we would recommend is to calm down, and study the issue of the symptoms of this disease on the official resources.

However, it is important to be calm when searching for the information, as when you are worried that you might have something, you might feel weird and have false impression of having the symptoms described on the resources.

The official site I used when searching for an answer to your question is here - https://www.aids.gov/.

It says there that "HIV is not spread easily. Only certain body fluids from a person who has HIV can transmit HIV:


Semen (cum)

Pre-seminal fluid (pre-cum)

Rectal fluids

Vaginal fluids

Breast milk."

Also, you should know that "HIV is spread mainly by:

Having anal or vaginal sex with someone who has HIV without using a condom or taking medicines to prevent or treat HIV.

Anal sex is the highest-risk sexual behavior. For the HIV-negative partner, receptive anal sex (“bottoming”) is riskier than insertive anal sex (“topping”).

Vaginal sex is the second highest-risk sexual behavior.

Sharing needles or syringes, rinse water, or other equipment (“works”) used to prepare injection drugs with someone who has HIV. HIV can live in a used needle up to 42 days depending on temperature and other factors."

Therefore, if no blood, or other body was on your friend's earring, then you are not in danger and have nothing to worry.

I feel very sorry for this situation! And hope that God gives wisdom to the doctors to diagnose everything timely and correctly for you. If anything, please clarify what I did not understand from your question, and we might talk more about this. But for now, just wait for the results. I am not a doctor, and can only tell you from what I found on the Internet.

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