Is jollof rice healthy?

What are the useful qualities of products, which are used in jollof rice? Is it a healthy dish? Read the article to learn more.

Is jollof rice healthy

Is jollof rice healthy?

Useful properties of rice are highly appreciated by many nationalities. Initially, rice was the main food in east countries. Today the advantage of rice is known to everyone. It was included in a food allowance practically worldwide. Jollof rice is a tasty African dish with the rice in the basis.

Useful properties of Nigerian jollof rice

The advantage of jollof rice is caused by its structure, the main part of which is made by the complex of carbohydrates (80%). About 8% in part of the rice used in this dish, are protein (eight amino acids, which have a big influence on a human body). The exclusive advantage of rice is that it doesn't contain gluten (it is vegetable protein, which can cause the strong allergic reaction). Also, cellulose contains in grains of rice. Its share is small (only 3%), therefore, rice is an excellent garnish for vegetable dishes. The vitamin and mineral complex of the substances, which are contained in the dish, isn't really wide but is most useful to health. It is a source of vitamins of group B (B1, B2, B3, B6). This is a well-known vitamin group. It is irreplaceable for the nervous system. The lecithin, which is a part of the rice dish, stimulates brain activity. Potassium is considerably distinguished from minerals, with which rice is rich. Rice grains contain calcium, iodine, iron, zinc, phosphorus in a small amount. The high content of potassium causes advantage of rice for the cardiovascular system. It strengthens a cardiac muscle, promotes the improvement of work of heart. Getting into a human body, rice comes into contact with the available salt and removes its surplus. It is known that salt in an organism detains water, and rice promotes removal of salt and excess water. It not only improves a metabolism but also promotes weight loss. Rice in the presence of diseases of kidneys and a urinary system is also very useful.

Useful properties of Nigerian jollof rice

One of the most useful properties of rice is the enveloping action. Getting to bodies of a gastrointestinal tract, rice softly envelops walls of a gullet and a stomach. Such food is useful to the people with the increased acidity of gastric juice and having gastritis, ulcer of the stomach. Thanks to the useful properties jollof rice are recommended by pediatricians as the first feeding for children. There are also qualities, which are both useful and harmful. Grains of rice contain substances, which break intestines vermicular movement. Therefore, rice is one of the most widespread medicinal national cures for diarrhea. But it is known that at the excessive use of this product the person can get constipations.

Useful properties of the dish with rice depend also on a grade of grain culture, and on a way of processing. The maximum of useful substances contains in not polished rice. It has a brown color, as there is a cover on the grain rich with cellulose and vitamins. The rice of white color, which is carefully grounded, contains 10 times less useful substances than brown rice. The average option is steamed rice, having a subtle brown shade. The main useful substances remain in it. At the same time, it looks more attractive and approximate to white rice. There is also black rice or wild rice. Its grains have the dark color, and nutritional value is one of the highest among other types of rice. Today more than 20 grades of rice are known. It is standard to divide rice into categories by the grain size. So what type of rice is included in jollof rice ingredients?

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jollof rice ingredients

Jollof rice recipe

The dish consists of rice, tomatoes and tomato paste, onions, salt, spices (such as nutmeg, ginger, and caraway seeds) and chili peppers. Additional ingredients, such as vegetables, meat or fish can be used. Because of tomato paste and palm oil, a dish is always red in color. Any types of rice will be suitable for cooking of a dish. To cook such rice, it is necessary to cut thinly onions, tomatoes and the ground pepper fried in oil for frying. Oil of palm or peanut butter is used as oil for frying. Rice is fried with this mix, gaining reddish color and absorbing all aromas. The Jollof rice shouldn't look too red.

After cooking, rice can be put on the table with chicken or fish and vegetables. Also, these ingredients can be cooked in one container with rice. Additional components can include garlic, peas, leaves of tea, and a curry powder. Also, the dish is often eaten with a fried plantain and salad. The dish, which became traditional in the United States, Jambalaya, has appeared under the influence of rice Jollof, and also other West African dishes and spices. As you have understood from the recipe, another ingredient is tomatoes. Tomatoes contain a huge amount of useful substances — vitamins B1, B2, B5, B6, and also others — A, E, C. Using tomato fruits regularly, it is possible to strengthen the immune system, to improve work of еру heart, to adjust digestion, and to reduce the amount of cholesterol in the blood. But not only useful properties of tomatoes consist in it.

The use of these fruits will help to become more beautiful. And it isn't surprising as they contain the substances capable of giving elasticity to skin, to make it smooth. Tomatoes promote blood formation, reduce the level of harmful cholesterol, and strengthen the immune system. Fruits of a tomato increase mood, help to overcome a stress at men and women. These vegetables help us to stay beautiful thanks to vitamins A and E, which are contained in them. Tomatoes are not only low-calorie. They muffle feeling of hunger that allows keeping a good figure. According to scientists, these vegetables interfere with the formation of cancer cells. As you can see, these are very useful products. If to mix them in one dish, the effect will double!


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