Virginity and tampons: Can girls safely use them?

People are wondering whether virginity and tampons exist together Can a virgin girl use tampons safely? What do gynecologists say about it? You’ll find all the answers right now.

Virginity and tampons

Sociological research shows that the first menstrual hygiene means that teenage girls usually start to use are pads with the beginning of menstruation because their use even in today's society is more traditional than any other means, as it does not require any special skills. ‘Tampons and losing virginity’ is one more issue, which makes girls use the pads.

However, the most creative people are interested in the possibility of using intravaginal tampons to protect against leakage during the periods. An obstacle to its use, in practice, is the lack of knowledge about their safety. Industry of tampons for menstruation has successfully approached the 80-year milestone since their first appearance in the sale. Since then, they have changed in form and composition of components, thanks to strict and prolonged quality control.

Virginity and Tampon use

Virginity and Tampon use

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The hymen is considered to be a small fold of the vaginal mucosa, which conventionally separates the external and internal sex organs. Membrane is located no deeper than 3 cm from the entrance to the vagina and is disclosed by connective tissue with the muscle bundles of nerve endings and blood vessels. The hymen can be of any shape (oval, plate, fringed, etc.), and is created to protect the vagina from being hit by the infection.

IMPORTANT! 4% of girls have aplasia - no hymen at birth, which is the norm.

Tampon use

Tampon is a great invention that helps millions of women feel as comfortable as in ordinary days during menstruation. Unlike pads, tampons do not hamper movement, as inserted into the vagina and hardly felt.

Young girls who first have to deal with tampons, put it mildly, they are afraid of such hygiene products, preferring not always convenient pads. A fear of young ladies lies in the fact that the introduction of the tampon can make a girl lose her virginity. The fact is that the membrane of the girls is opening, through it the menstrual blood comes out; it initially does not have so-called ‘solid’ form. Also the high elasticity of the hymen ensures the smooth introduction of the tampon, which has too small diameter to damage it.

Opinion of Obstetricians and Gynecologists

Obstetricians and Gynecologists.

In most cases rupture of the hymen (deflowering) occurs at the first sexual intercourse at the time of the penetration of the penis into the vagina. In some cases, the hymen can maintain its integrity even after several years of regular sexual life, due to its high elasticity and extensibility.

Roughly speaking, in order to lose virginity, you must enter ‘something’ into the vagina that corresponds to 3-5 cm in diameter. Under this description the male sexual organ is more suitable, rather than a conventional tampon. However, the wrong selection of hygienic means, damaging the hymen swab is possible. This happens in cases when young girls use ‘adult’ tampons, which are much larger in diameter and size.

virgin girl

Today menstruation occurs on average at the age of 12.5-13 years. At this time, the diameter of a so-called vagina gimenal hole is 1.5 - 2.0 cm. For comparison - tampons applicator has maximum diameter of 1.3 cm and is impregnated with menstrual secretions. The tampon is increased mainly in the length rather than in width. In the days of menstruation the gimenal hole increases and the hymen gets the greatest elasticity. These anatomical features allow the use of tampons from the first days of the onset of menstruation.

The obstacle is just some of the anomalies of the structure of the hymen, but they are, as studies show, no more than 1% of cases.

Virginity and Tampons

right tampons use

No expert can definitely say whether a girl can lose her virginity by using a tampon. Yes, a mini-packaging of tampons has written words that there is virtually no threat of using them to break the hymen. In addition, the manufacturer often strongly does not recommend the use of large size tampons, for example, maxi and super by virgins. And one more thing: no guide to the use of tampons guarantees their correct introduction. This means that the chance of damage the hymen swab still exists, but it is negligible.

It is known that the hymen can be both dense and thin, different high elasticity, or vice versa, it can be torn up easily during shallow penetration. Therefore, a clear answer whether it is possible to lose virginity swab is difficult - everything will depend on the individual case, individual characteristics, and other factors that determine this risk.

tampons vs pads

Some gynecologists recommend teenagers to use tampons on the second day of menstruation, when the hymen has maximum extensibility.

If the hymen is too thick or has a very small hole (impossible to enter even a finger, the entering of tampons hurts), it is necessary to consult a gynecologist. It may create  some problems in future sexual life of the girl.

How do I know the tampon has torn hymen or not?

tampon and hymen

Adolescent girls at such a young age, do not always give account of their actions. Often banal curiosity and desire to experiment could backfire, as it happens, for example, during the first experiment of using a tampon.

In virgins the vagina is narrow, so the wrong insertion of the tampon can cause pain. Naturally, the girl may be frightened at this point, thinking that she has broken hymen. To dispel doubts a girl should better visit obstetrician-gynecologist, who can easily determine whether a lady is virgin or not.

using a tampon

Losing virginity swab is unlikely, but possible. Even if this happens, making a tragedy of the loss of ‘the innocence’ in an unconventional way, is not worth it. It is important to maintain a young girl in a difficult situation, explaining that sooner or later it would still happen.

To reduce the risk of complications and a variety of unpleasant moments associated with the use of tampons at a young age, it is advisable not to use them as long as possible, replacing with sanitary pads.

sanitary pads

Choosing tampons, it is important to choose brands, who are experts in the field of women's health, as well as to properly assess the intensity of the discharge, in order to determine what tampons are optimally suited to a particular point clearly. It is always better to choose the tampon absorbency corresponding to the intensity of the menstrual flow and not the time of day and age. Of course, the virgins should choose small size tampons, for example, Mini or Normal for the first menstrual tampons.

However, their diameter increases with swelling of only 10-15% of the initial value. They can be used for beginners, those who are afraid to damage the hymen. No need to start from tampons, which are called Super and Super Plus until you have a skill of using them. The retail sales have scented tampons, but if you have the tendency to allergies you should not use them, there are also tampons with applicator and without it. The first impregnated with increase in length, the second width. The applicator is designed for easy insertion of the tampon into the vagina in order to reduce the risk of infection with the hands, if there is no possibility to wash them.

tampons and pads

When there is correct and timely replacement of tampons, there will be no harm from them. Today this is known by millions of women around the world. It's so convenient, simple and safe.


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