What are foods that balance hormones in females?

What is the list of food that balances hormones in females? How to check the level of hormones at home naturally? Read the information below to learn more about it.

how to balance hormones in female body

How to balance hormones in females and check it at home?

Estrogen is a women hormone, symptoms of the shortcoming of which most simply can be learned having made the blood test in policlinics. But it is possible to check estrogen by means of home methods with the help of the test.

These are signs of the shortage of estrogen, according to which you can estimate your condition on a scale where:

  • 0 points mean that this symptom is absent,
  • 1 point — a symptom is expressed poorly,
  • 2 points — it is expressed moderately,
  • 3 points — the symptom is expressed strongly.

Then summarize points and look at the result.

  • You often feel a depression and changes of mood,
  • You are often accompanied by alarm, concern, and irritability,
  • You suffer from absent-mindedness and forgetfulness,
  • You sleep badly,
  • Dryness is peculiar to your skin,
  • Increased fatigue and frequent feeling of fatigue are characteristic for you,
  • You often have a headache,
  • Joint pains or pains in heart disturb you,
  • There are muscular pains,
  • Strengthening of growth of hair on face is your characteristic,
  • There are periodically feelings of a skin itch,
  • You feel decrease of libido,
  • You are disturbed by back pains,
  • You feel discomfort during proximity,
  • Dryness of intimate bodies disturbs,
  • You have night perspiration.

foods that balance hormones in females

Estimate the condition by the received results:

  • From 0 to 14 points: you can be congratulated. You have enough women's estrogen hormone in your organism. If signs of hormonal recession don’t pass away, take a test several times a year.
  • From 15 to 30 points: you have a moderate deficiency of estrogen. It is possible to try to improve the situation, accepting herbs with phytoestrogen.
  • From 31 points and above: you have an acute shortage of estrogen. Try to adjust their quantity by means of food rich with phytoestrogen. You also have to visit doctors – the gynecologist and the endocrinologist who will advise necessary hormones in tablets.

How to balance hormones in females naturally?

  • Seeds of flax head the rating of the products containing estrogen. It is possible to eat them in a ground look, adding to any dishes and porridge, having mixed with honey or with a large amount of water (as bran). There are enough two tablespoons in a day. In smaller doses, women's hormones contain also in seeds of sunflower, pumpkin or sesame. By the way, seeds of flax are useful to women also because they have anti-inflammatory, clearing, and antioxidant properties.
  • Hormones in bean cultures. This category consists of the wide range: soy, male haricot, green peas, lentil, etc. All this list of products contains a special type of phytoestrogen. However, it is worth remembering that according to physicians, a large amount of soy isn't really useful for a female body. It is better to replace it with lentil, which it is possible to call a unique female product. It contains:
  • women's hormones,
  • protein,
  • Tryptophan – it is substance, which turns into serotonin in an organism, the joy hormone, which is capable of expelling a depression.

Many doctors advise a diet to woman with the increased contents of beans to soften a premenstrual symptom.

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foods that balance hormones in females

  • Cabbage is also foods that balance hormones in females. It is a fine female product. The variety of types and grades will allow diversifying the menu. However, you shouldn't abuse cabbage: unfortunately, it tends to block iodine in an organism.
  • Hop is one of the undoubted leaders in the list of the products containing women's hormones. By the way, the male who prefer to drink beer often, over time become owners of a tummy and even breast. A part of this process is played by women's hormone estrogen. For women, beer overconsumption is also undesirable. It is better to replace this drink with more useful ones.
  • Dairy and lactic products. The natural fat milk and products on its basis (especially cheese) is an excellent source of women's hormone.
  • Herbs. Many plants are very rich with estrogen:
  • ginseng root,
  • chamomile,
  • arnica,
  • linden,
  • red clover.

Having taken for the rule to drink daily at least one cup of fresh broth of herbs, it is possible not only to fill up the organism with estrogen but also to gain the whole complex of additional useful effects: calming, anti-inflammatory, anti-allergenic and to fill up a stock of useful minerals.

  • Seafood as the source of women's hormones. It is known that such elements as zinc and copper are directly connected with the development of estrogen in an organism. What product can be compared to seafood on the inclusiveness of these elements? From all seafood, the most preferable are the oyster.

How to balance hormones in females naturally

Of course, this list of foods that balance hormones in females is yet incomplete. There are many products, which contain women's hormones, though in small doses. These are:

  • Vegetables (spinach or salad),
  • wheat (especially sprouted grains),
  • potatoes,
  • mushrooms,
  • apricots (dried apricots),
  • bran,
  • coffee (according to a research, at 90% of the women who were daily using coffee, the estrogen level has been increased by 70%),
  • nuts are very rich with estrogen, especially a peanut.

Finally, one important nuance how to balance hormones in female body: it is desirable to be convinced that products are eco-friendly and don't contain chemical medicines, hormones or harmful additives. For example, fruit, meat, and milk should be bought only from the checked eco-sellers, and a grass – only in drugstores (there is a mark about radiological control compliance).

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