What are guava leaves good for?

People are wondering how they can use guava leaves. Do you know top benefits you can use every day? Why don’t you try it today?You’ll find all the ways of use of guava leaves right now!

guava leaves

According to the range and concentration of mineral elements guava can be called a real gift of nature. By the way, one of the names of this plant is ‘the apple of paradise’, which reflects well the attitude of people. People use guava leaves for hair growth, better bowel work and a lot of others.

Guava leaves benefits

Guava leaves benefits

Guava is appreciated not only for the wonderful fruits of which people cook different desserts, preserves and jams, and other goodies.

The bark and leaf of guava is very rich in natural and biologically active elements. The use of guava leaf is well known and used in folk medicine of different countries. It is also widely known to use guava leaves as raw material for production of various cosmetic products.

guava leaves for hair growth

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This plant is the absolute champion of citrus on the content of vitamin C. The fruit and leaves of guava are extremely rich in B vitamins and very necessary for the cordial-vascular system of the human - vitamin R. Carotenoids, flavonoids, glycosides, gallic acid and a long list of useful and necessary for our body things were found in the leaves of guava. It makes them irreplaceable in the treatment of a lot of diseases.

Treatment of diseases of the oral cavity

decoction of guava leaves

It is recommended to rinse your mouth with decoction of guava leaves if you have problems in its cavity. Also this broth works well with bleeding gums. The guava extract is good at pathogens in the mouth. In order to prepare an extract of guava leaves it is necessary to fill half of a standard glass with alcohol or vodka, and then give it to infuse for 2 days. Rinsing tincture must be diluted with water in ratio 1: 3.

Treatment of cold

Treatment of cold

Guava leaf tea reduces the formation of mucus, disinfects the airways and helps with a strong cough. Put a tablespoon of guava leaves into the boiling water (400 g). Drink this tea for half a glass in the morning on an empty stomach.

Treatment of wounds

Treatment of wounds

The powerful antiseptic properties of guava leaves are used in the treatment of fresh wounds. The crushed leaves are applied to fresh or running up wounds. The tannins and flavonoids of guava are very helpful in this case.

Cosmetic use

powder from leaves of guava

Extracts and powder from leaves of guava is used as an important ingredient in a lot of cosmetic products, which are created to tone and strengthen the skin and soothe irritated skin, to rejuvenate, purify it. It is also used as an effective mean against hair loss.

The immunological benefits of guava leaves

immunological benefits of guava leaves

Guava is not a drug that should be consumed only on prescription. It has regenerative properties during the loss of strength; it well strengthens the immune system. The dizziness and general weakness can go away due to tea from the leaves of guava. The price of this product is very affordable.

And guava is a great freshener and air purifier. Antibacterial properties of guava leaves are shown in all its glory - the indoor air becomes crisp and has a pleasant fragrance.

Guava leaves helps with diarrhea

benefits of guava leaves

In the new study, a water extract of guava leaves with infectious diarrhea, scientists have suggested as many as four of the mechanism by which it operates. Among other things, guava leaves can kill harmful bacteria, slow the moving of fecal through the intestines, and inhibit the release of water in the intestine. Curiously, the water extract of guava leaves to cope with watery fecal even during cholera.

Recent studies have shown various ways of using guava, including its traditional use for skin problems, diabetes, hypertension, dental caries, wounds, pain and fever. Every part of the plant has several medicinal properties. In particular, the leaves and the fruits have been widely studied, the researchers identified a number of beneficial effects.

good guava leaves

Among other uses of guava leaves we can note the following. The Indians of the Amazon basin prepare it for the treatment of vaginal discharge and in order to improve the tone of its walls after childbirth.

Guava leaves are very useful and tasty! Try them and stay healthy!


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