What are symptoms of depression in women?

What are the widespread symptoms of depression at women? How to avoid the serious problems? Read the article to learn more.

depression in women

The depression in women arises twice more often than at men. It is explained with a set of the reasons connected with features of female mentality and physiology. It is very important to remember that the depression at all women is the serious disease capable of worsening quality of human life seriously. It isn't so difficult to get rid of this pathology if to seek a professional help in time. Often we hear from surrounding people that they have a depression. Actually, many of them confuse a condition of fatigue, usual for human mentality, to more serious diagnosis. To feel melancholy and grief is the normal state for any person, but it is a lying symptom of depression. As for a clinical manifestation at women, it is pathology with characteristic symptoms of depression. The progressing depression weakens both mental and physical health of the person and prevents normal activity. Numerous researchers around the world have confirmed that the female mentality is much more vulnerable in relation to similar frustration than men's. For this reason, the depression occurs at women very often. Experts mark out several specific risk factors because of which the female depression can develop at any age.

  • Biological factors. The tendency of women to depressive frustration partly is explained by features of their physiology. The sharp and spasmodic changes of a hormonal background connected with a reproductive cycle are a serious stress for a female body. Women have this stress several times in life: puberty and beginning of a menstrual cycle, beginning of sex life, first pregnancy, childbirth, fading of reproductive function, climax, and menopause. Hormonal changes directly influence a condition of the female mentality experiencing the raised strain during these critical periods.
  • Social factors. Hypersensibility and emotionality are put in women by nature. For this reason, many events of social character are endured by women much heavier. It can be partings, losses, dismissal from work, the bad treatment of a family, and problems in interpersonal interactions. Numerous problems in society are present in the life of any person, but women often endure these problems much heavier and longer, without getting any support from the outside.

Symptoms of bipolar depression and anxiety

How to notice the first symptoms of depression in women? It is very important to trace disturbing signs of the beginning frustration timely not to allow further development of a disease. If to ignore these symptoms of depression and anxiety, results can be extremely sad. The depression demands attentive and careful treatment as its consequences affect the sphere of social life, interpersonal interactions with women, break working capacity, and affect mental and physical functions of an organism. It is necessary to ask for medical care if you notice at yourself at least a little part of the symptoms of depression disorder described below.

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lying symptom of depression

  • Constant feeling of inexplicable alarm, fears and phobias,
  • The oppressed and suppressed mood,
  • Habitual sources of pleasure and joy cease to satisfy, the world around gets a gray shade,
  • The increased irritability,
  • Emotional instability (sharp differences of mood, causeless tearfulness, sensitivity),
  • Constant feeling of internal tension,
  • Decrease in level of vitality, increased fatigue, decrease of the activity,
  • Feeling of decline of energy,
  • Drowsiness and sleeplessness,

symptoms of depression

  • Deterioration in an emotional state after awakening in the morning,
  • Absent-mindedness, loss of interest in usual things,
  • Lack of meaning of life, lack of desire to live,
  • Somatic violations: appetite change, not explainable pains (psychogenic pain syndrome).

Also, experts allocate special symptomatology for the specific types of a female depression characteristic of pregnancy, the postnatal period, a premenstrual syndrome, and a climax. If the premenstrual depressive syndrome usually doesn't proceed longer than a week, then the climacteric depression at women can turn into extremely heavy frustration. It is especially important to watch the mental state to elderly women, for whom depressive episodes during all life were characteristic. During the periods of hormonal crises, these states can become aggravated, so, there is a risk of developing of serious pathology.

How to treat a female depression?

Many women are afraid to tell their relatives and doctors about their problems, being afraid to get to the psychiatric clinic. The modern psychotherapy allows treating this disease at early stages, without resorting to pharmacological medicines. In hard cases, medicines are appointed by the psychiatrist, but they only help to remove the main symptoms. The deep reasons for depression can be worked out only during long individual therapy with the skilled psychologist. He will do symptoms of depression test and find out all reasons. The female depression is a curable and reversible disease. Quite often, the woman hears recommendations to get it together, to get off a negative mind, to be adjusted on a positive harmony. All these councils are senseless if it is about serious depressive frustration. The only way, which will help to cure a depression at women, is a timely address to the doctor. There is no universal scheme of its treatment of women. For this reason, the expert chooses therapy for each specific patient. Today the most effective method of treatment of a depression of varying severity is joint therapy. This strategy of treatment allows not only to get rid of painful symptoms but also to understand their origin, so, to get rid of a problem itself.

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