What are the benefits of coffee?

Did you know that coffee can be of great use to your health? What are its advantages and how can you gain more from it? Learn more here.

benefits of coffee

Even though there are hundreds of myths about the bad impact coffee has on your body, people who cannot start a new day without a cup of this refreshing drink now should have more hope: it is beneficial to their general health condition.

Surprisingly enough, you don’t have to stop drinking it altogether unlike the popular opinion. It is funny considering that the major part of all the personal development lectures starts with advice to stop drinking coffee and switch to water or green tea. However, let’s now see what benefits coffee as well as coffee grounds can have for your body including the effect on your skin or weight loss.

Benefits of coffee for one’s health
benefits of coffee on skin

1.    Coffee stimulates brain activity.

It is scientifically proven that coffee is increasing one’s brain capacity and makes a person more vigorous. The thing is that coffee consists of one of the most effective stimulants called caffeine. When it gets into your body, it gets absorbed into your bloodstream and as a result into your brain.

It is there that it works to prevent the functioning of the neurotransmitter called Adenosine. Right after this, your body starts working on increasing the amount of other useful nutrients in your body, which leads to the better creation of neurones. As a result, people drinking coffee can have better memory, more energy, reaction as well as general cognitive function.

2.    It can promote weight loss.

The bottom line is that coffee is often used as an effective supplement to burn extra fat in one’s body. The reason for that is in the effectiveness caffeine shows for that. Anyone who drinks coffee ends up having a better metabolism. Some people had up to ten percent better metabolic rate.

Apart from that, coffee is good at burning fat even in the body of individuals who seem to be quite skinny. Scholars and nutrition specialists state that it can burn up to ten percent of fat in people suffering from being overweight, and three times as much in individuals with the smaller weight. However, for those who drink coffee on a regular basis, these numbers can be different given the level of getting used to the fact.

the benefits of coffee

3.    Coffee helps break down fat.

All the valuable nutrients found in coffee work on burning fat and breaking down fatty acids in one’s body. Those of you who like this hot beverage know how it feels after each cup of coffee: you seem to have more energy. The reason is in the release of Adrenaline, which is useful for individuals with increased physical activity.

Therefore, athletes can drink coffee from time to time to show better results thanks to the Adrenaline increase in their bloodstream. Doctors recommend having a cup of strong coffee at least thirty minutes before one goes to the gym to have coffee start having its positive effects.

4.    This beverage is packed with vitamins.

Unlike the common belief that drinking it merely a matter of addiction, you might have cravings for coffee because your body wants you to get all the useful nutrients it contains.

Here is what one of the nutrition resources states about this. They say that one cup of coffee contains: Riboflavin (Vitamin B2): 11% of the RDA; Pantothenic Acid (Vitamin B5): 6% of the RDA; Manganese and Potassium: 3% of the RDA; Magnesium and Niacin (B3): 2% of the RDA.

Of course, these numbers might not look impressive to you, of you drink more than just one cup of coffee a day, these numbers will be bigger for you.

coffee enema benefits

5.    Coffee decreases chances of developing diabetes.

As you know, diabetes is a huge deal for people from all over the world. Unfortunately, more and more people are diagnosed with it, especially its type 2. However, for whatever reasons, there might be, those who drink coffee usually have lower chances to develop this disease. In fact, some nutrition specialists mention that these chances get from 25% up to seventy percent lower.

Here is what some of them say: “According to a massive review that looked at data from 18 studies with a total of 457,922 individuals, each daily cup of coffee was associated with a 7% reduced risk of developing type 2 diabetes.”

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6.    It lowers your chances of developing Alzheimer’s.

As you know, Alzheimer’s is happening to a lot of people these days. This condition can also lead to dementia in the long run. However, specialists claim that drinking coffee can decrease one’s chances of developing it after they reach the age of sixty-five years.

And even though the scholars have found a cure for this disease, they mention that drinking coffee and doing physical exercises can be of much help to you here. Apart from that, they also recommend eating healthy, and by the end of the day, such people usually have around sixty-five percent lower risks of developing this condition.

7.    This drink can lower the chances of getting Parkinson’s.

Just like with the disease mentions above, it happens to a growing number of people. However, despite having no cure for this condition which is affecting one’s functioning of the brain, people who drink coffee frequently have lower risks of developing it.

Nutrition scholars have proved that coffee drinkers have a much lower risk of developing Parkinson’s disease, with a reduction in risk ranging from 32-60%.

However, it is only valid for people drinking the real coffee, not the decaf, as there is no caffeine in decaf.

benefits of coffee

8.    It can serve as a protection of your liver.

You need your liver healthy, as it is responsible for a proper function of your body. Unless you take good care of it, you are more likely to get hepatitis, fatty liver, or some other diseases that affect this body organ. However, people who consume coffee are known to have fewer chances of developing this problem. In fact, those who drink at least three cups of this beverage a day, are known to have at least eight percent fewer risks to get this disease.

9.    Coffee will keep you content.

First of all, on has to admit that depression is all in your brain. It starts there, and it grows there. Therefore, if you want to prevent or fight off this condition, which by the way is very common these days, you should have at least a few cups of coffee a day.

The scholars from Harvard have proven that those who had at least four cups of coffee have at least twenty percent fewer chances to develop clinical or light stages of depression.

And also, another study with 208,424 individuals found that those who drank 4 or more cups per day were 53% less likely to commit suicide. All in all, coffee can keep you content and vigorous.

benefits of the coffee enema

10.    It can prevent certain cancer.

As you see this beverage can not only prevent mental disorders, protect your liver, and make you energetic, but it can also prevent certain types of cancer. This disease is also among the leaders of the most widespread diseases worldwide. In fact, studies have shown that people drinking coffee have lower chances of having the liver or colorectal cancer.

The thing is that the nutrients found in coffee are working to protect your liver which in itself prevent cancer. And also, one study of 489,706 individuals found that those who drank 4-5 cups of coffee per day had a 15% lower risk of colorectal cancer. So, if this sounds like something you want to avoid, consider drinking coffee on a regular basis.

11.    This drink decreases the chances of having heart issues.

Unlike the common belief that drinking coffee is bad for your heart, the studies have shown that having a cup of coffee on a regular basis can stabilise your blood pressure, and reduce risks of having a heart attack or a stroke. This debunks the theory that coffee is the stimulator for the heart diseases.

Scientifically speaking, some nutrition specialists claim that people who drink coffee have twenty percent fewer chances of having any troubles with heart. Even though at first the effect might be huge and your heart can start pounding like crazy, if you have coffee every day, the result will change, and you will benefit from drinking it.

benefits of cold coffee

12.    Coffee is beneficial to one’s skin.

Once you start adding caffeine to your cosmetics, you will see how much better your skin will look like. In fact, people familiar with the matter claim that coffee, when applied to the skin, can reduce redness, stop inflammation, reduce the swelling under one’s eyes, depuff eyes, exfoliate the skin, etc.

People highly recommend using coffee grounds (especially the ones after you have just had your coffee) as a scrub. That thing is that rubbing the grounds on your skin will remove dead skin cells and leave you with smoother skin. You can also add olive oil to a more rich coffee ground and olive oil scrub.

Coffee on your skin will also make it brighter, tightens it and can even banish cellulite.

Apart from that coffee can be beneficial to your hair. Masks with old coffee grounds are not too expensive, yet very effective. They will make your hair shine. It stimulates hair growth and enhances the colour of the hair which is especially useful for those who have dark hair.

13.    Benefits of the coffee enema.

There are tonnes of thing coffee enemas can do to your body. Among them are the ability to detoxify your body up to 600%, clean the colon, help detox reactions during pregnancy, heal cancer in some patients naturally, improve peristalsis.

How can one do it?

Start with getting organic coffee beans. Then, according to the hints left by Mind Body Green, you should “grab a saucepan and put two tablespoons of organic coffee in the pot. Add 3 cups of drinking water to the pot.

Bring to the boil and let simmer for 15 minutes. Remove from heat after 15 minutes and let it cool. When it's body temperature (you can test this by placing a clean finger into the coffee, it will be neither hot or cold) strain through a nut milk bag into a clean glass pouring jar.

Head to the bathroom with your strained coffee and set up space and something comfortable for you to lie down on. Hint: Be near a toilet and use an old towel as you sometimes may get slight coffee leakage. Grab a pillow and some reading material as you will be here for approximately 12 to 15 minutes.”

As you see, coffee has tonnes of useful benefits for your health you should not underestimate. So if it all sounds like something you want coffee to do for you, make sure to add it to your daily diet. Make sure to only drink natural organic coffee, as otherwise; you won’t see any effect.


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