What are the benefits of penis circumcision?

What are medical recommendations, at which it is possible to use penis circumcision? What are the main advantages of circumcision for pubertal age? Read the information below to learn more about this procedure.

Circumcision: harm or benefits

According to statistical data, about 17% of men living on the planet undergo the procedure of circumcision. There is a set of disputes about advantage and harm of trimming of extreme flesh, but this question hasn't found an unambiguous opinion yet. Circumcision procedure at the men who are residents of east countries is considered an integral part of cultural and historical heritage and the centuries-old religious tradition practiced today. Why the circumcision gained such popularity among men? There were a lot of researchers on this theme, results of which struck scientists. According to researchers, men of Jews and Arabs practically have no cancer of genitals, and women of these ethnic groups have cervical cancer 7 times rarer.

The circumcision of men is a partial or full excision of the cord of the skin, which is located on a prepuce and closes a penis end. If earlier circumcision was carried out for social and religious reasons, today it is often made on medical recommendations. When is it recommended to do the procedure of penis circumcision? Among the most widespread medical indications, narrowing of a prepuce takes a leading place. Often similar procedure is made for an elimination of a premature ejaculation as the constantly open head of a penis loses its sensitivity. It promotes elongation of sex contact practically three times. The procedure of a circumcision is a preventive measure against pathologies, an oncology of penis, AIDS, balanitis, genitourinary infections and so on.

Often the smegma under a prepuce cord leads to the development of an oncology of a head of a penis and cervical cancer at the sexual partner. After circumcision care the smegma doesn't accumulate, eliminating a risk of development of the specified diseases. But, it is also possible to avoid a smegma accumulating with daily procedures of washing with moving of a prepuce.

penis circumcision

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Circumcision: harm or benefits

The opinions of experts bound to carrying out a circumcision significantly disperse. There are no doubts that in the presence of clinical indications circumcision is necessary. The procedure of a circumcision also has opponents considering that similar surgical intervention can do harm to the man if there is no medical need in operation. It is clear, that the advantage of a circumcision is obvious in the prophylaxis of genitourinary diseases. At children, the risk of developing of pathologies like cystitis or a pyelonephritis is considerably reduced. Such diseases as lues, a genital herpes and so on are diagnosed less often. Judging by the opinion of the men who underwent this operation, the age, in which the operation was done, has a great importance. If it was made in the childhood, before puberty, then negative responses are absent. The circumcision at adult men causes many contradictions. From negative consequences mentioned, it is possible to distinguish postoperative complications like a varicosity bleedings and pain shock.

Circumcision procedure

Some patients after excising had inflammatory complications because of non-professionalism of the surgeon. Because of a proximity of a proctal zone the threat of development of a pyesis increases. If in the course of a circumcision too many tissues were removed, then the development of the deformation of a penis bound to an excessive tension of a skin is possible. The fact that the operation on a circumcision made before pubertal age influences the penis size also received confirmation. In dermal tissues of men organ special hormonal substance is contained, which influences development and length of the penis. When making a circumcision of a skin, fewer hormones are produced. Therefore, the men has the smaller sizes of a penis. Therefore, before deciding on circumcision, it is necessary to get acquainted with all possible consequences.

The most sensational discovery belongs to the Australian scientists. Having attentively studied ways of spreading of HIV infection, they came to a conclusion that a circumcision is the most effective remedy against AIDS. First of all, the virus affects a prepuce, which is subject to frequent micro traumas, and danger of infection through these wounds is very small. Statistically, the vast majority of the men who caught AIDS sexually didn't undergo circumcision. It also became clear that these men are affected also by sexual infectious diseases more often.

In total, the procedure brings a lot of benefits. Each man has to receive the individual approach and adequate assessment of his state, which only the highly qualified specialist can provide. So, it is preferable to choose specialized clinic for circumcision.


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Answered 2 months ago.

Foreskin feels REALLY good. Seriously, it's the best part. Hundreds of thousands of men are doing non-surgical foreskin restoration to undo some of the predictable sexual damage of childhood circumcision.

No medical association endorses forced genital cutting of children. For example the Dutch Medical Association's exhaustively footnoted policy statement says families must be aggressively discouraged from circumcising due to the "absence of medical benefits and danger of complications."

Most of the US men who have died of AIDS were circumcised at birth. Circumcision INCREASES risk of male-to-female HIV transmission (Wawer/Gray 2009 Uganda).

Answered 5 months ago.


Swedish Paediatric Society

"Circumcision of young boys for religious and non-medical reasons ought to be banned in Sweden, urged the Swedish Paediatric Society (Svenska barnläkarföreningen, BLF)."


Mexican Secretariat of the Interior

" Evitar como práctica rutinaria la circuncisión, toda vez que no existe evidencia científica que compruebe un beneficio directo a la persona recién nacida."

Sec 5.7.13 "Avoid circumcision as a routine practice, since there is no scientific evidence to prove a direct benefit to the newborn person."


German Pediatric Association


(very long, but very much against circumcision, and includes the following)

"Therefore it is not understandable that circumcision of boys should be allowed but that of girls prohibited worldwide. Male circumcision is basically comparable with FGM types Ia and Ib that the Schafi Islamic school of law supports"

Answered 5 months ago.

This is what some national medical organizations say:

Canadian Paediatric Society


"OTTAWA— In an updated statement released today, the Canadian Paediatric Society (CPS) continues to recommend against the routine circumcision of newborn males."

Royal Australasian College of Physicians


"After reviewing the currently available evidence, the RACP believes that the frequency of diseases modifiable by circumcision, the level of protection offered by circumcision and the complication rates of circumcision do not warrant routine infant circumcision in Australia and New Zealand."

(almost all the men responsible for this statement will be circumcised themselves, as the male circumcision rate in Australia in 1950 was about 90%. "Routine" circumcision is now *banned* in public hospitals in Australia.)

British Medical Association


"to circumcise for therapeutic reasons where medical research has shown other techniques to be at least as effective and less invasive would be unethical and inappropriate."

"The medical benefits previously claimed, however, have not been convincingly proven, and it is now widely accepted, including by the BMA, that this surgical procedure has medical and psychological risks."

The Royal Dutch Medical Association


"The official viewpoint of KNMG and other related medical/scientific organisations is that non-therapeutic circumcision of male minors is a violation of children's rights to autonomy and physical integrity."

Answered 5 months ago.

In response to the draft CDC guidelines, which the peer review says was written by a "who's who of circumcision advocates", 31 senior physicians (around half of them chairs or presidents of national urological or pediatric organizations) wrote:

"However, the way from the background paper to the recommendations is marked by exclusion, omission and minimization of scientific peer evidence that does not support the recommendation. This is very similar to the development of the AAP circumcision policy statement in 2012 in which critical evidence was omitted or downplayed. A group of 38 distinguished physicians from Europe and Canada, comprising several heads and representatives of national medical associations, societies for pediatricians and pediatric surgeons, and medical ethics boards, published a comprehensive and evidence-based reply to the AAP recommendations, which has not been considered by the CDC (Frisch et al 2013)."

"Health providers, male patients and parents will miss important information for decision making if they follow the CDC proposal."

Answered 5 months ago.

Except that Prof. Brian Morris is a circumcision fetishist.


Answered 5 months ago.

It comes as no surprise that opponents of male circumcision have posted their usual fallacies after this article. They should be disregarded in the same way that anti-vaccination extremists respond with lies whenever anything supporting vaccination appears online. The Circumcision Academy of Australia published its policy statement in 2012. This found benefits exceed risks by over 100 to 1 and that over the lifetime half of uncircumcised males will suffer an adverse medical condition caused by their foreskin. Many will die (from penile cancer, prostate cancer and diseases resulting from HIV infection). Sexual function and pleasure is the same or better after circumcision. I (Brian Morris) am Professor Emeritus of Medical Sciences and have 87 academic publications on male circumcision. Dr Ronald Gray is Professor of Epidemiology at Johns Hopkins University. For more see: http://www.circumcisionaustralia.org http://www.circumcisionamerica.org http:www/circinfo.net

Answered 5 months ago.

Naij is about the last place I would ask about circumcision. Many of their facts are not actually facts at all.

Circumcision does not prevent HIV, or penile cancer. The HPV vaccine helps to prevent penile and cervical cancer.

The foreskin does not "close a penis end". Circumcision is not an excision of a cord of skin. It is the removal of the foreskin, (prepuce) which is about half the skin on a penis, which loosely slides like a shirt sleeve. Circumcision does nothing to prevent genital herpes. Negative responses to childhood circumcision are not absent. Some pediatric urologists in the US say they would have no practice at all, if it wasn't for fixing bad infant circumcisions.

Circumcision is not at all necessary. Think about it. Naij says that 17% of men are circumcised. Are the other 83% doomed to die, because they have a foreskin? Not a chance.

This is an out and out lie:

" In dermal tissues of men organ special hormonal substance is contained, which influences development and length of the penis. "

If it was true, no one would get circumcised as a child, because they would develop a smaller penis.

Australian doctors don't advocate for circumcision. A very few do, including Dr. Ronald Gray who conducts studies in Africa, and Dr. Brian Morris, who is not even a medical doctor. The vast majority of Australian doctors are against circumcision, not for it.

Use of condoms prevent diseases, not circumcision.

Answered 5 months ago.
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