What are the best constipation remedies?

What are the recipes for the best constipation remedies, which will help you to get rid of the problem without using any meds? How to get rid of locks using the common products? Read the information below to learn more about it.

Constipation remedies for infants and adults

Constipation remedies for infants and adults – how to choose?

Today there is a huge range of various constipation remedies, and practically every of them has certain contraindications or shortcomings. The main con of any such remedy is that they aren't medicines, which treat the reason of obstruction. They have no serious therapeutic effect and help to solve a problem only several times. Besides, all tablets should be distinguished from their action on intestines. What is the best, strong, effective, and fast, and what is natural and safe? Whether accustoming to any medicine can develop? At people suffering from obstruction there are many questions, but first of all, it is necessary to find out the cause of problems with normal depletion of intestines. Most often, chronic constipations are caused by diseases of the digestive tract, all gastrointestinal tracts, which should be eliminated not by means of depletive remedy. Before to use any pills or potions, try to change a situation with the help of the following simple rules, which promote natural depletion of intestines:

  • The best constipation relief: in the morning, as soon as you have woken up, drink 1-2 glasses of not cold water. It is better to use a mineral water without gas in 30-40 minutes prior to a breakfast. It clears a stomach and digestion process is started.
  • The massage of a stomach helps very well.
  • Honey and coffee also possess the action.
  • Healthy food, active lifestyle, and a diet of beet, cabbage, prunes, an apricot, any crude vegetables and fruit improve intestines and don't provoke the emergence of constipations.
  • The most effective and fast remedy at constipations is the correct definition of the reasons for its emergence and elimination.
  • Castor oil is a laxative medicine of fast action.

All drugs for constipations are divided according to the nature of influence. Therefore, in the choice of remedies, it is necessary to be defined — what class of medicines is necessary for you, to consider all contraindications and possible side effects. Buying meds, learn active ingredient of the medicine, attentively study the instruction. It is necessary to choose the safe and good remedy, especially at chronic constipation. The optimum is medicines-prebiotics. They both stimulate the activity of intestines and restore micro flora of the guts. With their help, it is possible to achieve steady and long therapeutic effect. For achievement of the more fast effect, it is possible to use an enema.

best constipation relief

Constipation solutions for adults

The person needs to understand why he has faced constipation. Perhaps, he has just eaten a big portion of the fastening product, for example, of rice or a persimmon. In this case, it is will be enough just to drink a lot of liquid. Water won't do much harm in any case, but contrary will help to cope with constipation. By the way, shortage of liquid in an organism can become the reason of disoperation of intestines either – consult a doctor in this case.

People’s remedies against constipation are allocated, first of all, for easy removal of a stool from intestines, but doesn't prevent it from gathering there again. The complicated stool, which repeats 2-3 times a week, must become a big occasion to address the gastroenterologist. But there are also best constipation remedies, which will help you to solve a problem at home.

10 popular folk remedies for constipation:

  • On one teaspoon of sesame oil for half an hour to food.
  • To have greasy food (pork, homemade sour cream) in a diet.
  • To drink a cabbage juice. But not to be overzealous – half a glass in the day is perfectly enough.
  • To pass to the temporary vegetarian's diet.
  • To add one tablespoon of any vegetable oil to 1 glass of sour milk. To drink fractionally with small drinks.
  • To add a teaspoon of honey to a glass of warm water. Drink it in the morning on an empty stomach with small drinks.
  • Potatoes juice. Drink ¼ glasses every day.

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Constipation solutions for adults

  • To include a white cabbage in the everyday menu.
  • Prunes, pumpkin, dried apricots, beet, plum, and grapes have the purgative effect.
  • Use 2 teaspoons of the juice of an aloe 3 times a day.
  • Eat one kiwi every day.

Home medicine will help to create an effective remedy for constipation, without leaving the house. Laxatives have unpleasant medicinal taste, but here you will have a fragrant herbal tea. Making herbs, it is possible to get rid of locks. But this remedy needs to be applied only to adults. One more pro – restrictions in reception are practically absent. The effective remedy for constipation is a juice of celery. It has no contraindications, except intolerance of a component. Very many ready laxative medicines have Senna in the structure. It is also one of effective folk remedies at constipations. It has no side effects and contraindications.

Recipe of cooking of constipation remedies:

  • Boil three glasses of water.
  • Wash out and clear 100 g of prunes from pits.
  • Mix and filter components.

One more recipe, which is very effective as it has herbal components:

  • Clear a half kilo of prunes from pits and wash them out.
  • Fill in with three liters of water and put on fire.
  • When broth begins to boil, make fire less and boil a quarter of the hour more.

The drink has a very good taste. Drink it on half a glass for the night. As soon as you notice any improvement, it is possible to stop taking this vegetable medicine. You should use infusion each hour on three tablespoons. Use the tea until constipations finally go away from the patient. But if there is no wish to potter with preparation, it is possible to use ready medicines on the basis of the same herbs.

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