What causes testicle pain?

What are the reasons that can cause pain in the testicles? Why do men feel pain in the testicles? How to get rid of the pain in the testicles? The answers to these questions are in the article below.

testicle pain causes

Testicle pain causes

Testicles are the male sex gland, the main task of which is to produce sperm and male sex hormones. They are located in both halves of the scrotum. At the top of each testicle, there is the spermatic cord. The testicles are possible to independently probe through the skin of the scrotum.

They felt as elastic rounded things. Epididymis, located on the side of its surface, is similar to the rollers. The testicular health has a significant impact on future fertility of man, his general physical condition, and even self-esteem.

Therefore, the appearance of pain in the testicles should immediately seek help from a specialist. But what causes testicle pain?

what causes testicle pain?

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The main functions of the testicles and their appendages

The most important functions include the testicular production of testosterone (male sex hormone) and sperm (germ cells, which play an important role in the process of fertilization).

The aim of the appendages is the implementation of the immediate process of sperm maturation.

what causes testicle pain when sitting

The causes of pain in the testicles

Pain in the testicles occurs most often in adult men and adolescents, but in some cases, even children can face with such problems. This pain is due to the high sensitivity of the testicles is one of the thrills (sometimes intolerable), with which men may face in their lives.

And even if the pain is not related to a direct threat to life and health of the patient, it can weaken a man, make him have the fear of death. Sometimes pain in the testicles in men is accompanied by nausea, vomiting, and profuse sweating.

But even if the pain in the testicles is not pronounced, it is still not the norm, so please visit the urologist, andrologist ASAP, since pain may be symptoms of various kinds of infectious or inflammatory diseases, including prostatitis, chlamydia, ureaplasma or mycoplasma.

what causes testicular pain after ejaculation

Sometimes the pain in the testicles can indicate the need for urgent surgical intervention, as in the case of:

  • testicular torsion,
  • tumor,
  • an inguinal hernia,
  • hydrocele or varicocele.

As a rule, these diseases are easily diagnosed and treated.

But sometimes a pain in the testicle, even after necessary treatment does not disappear, developing into chronic. We consider below the most frequent causes of pain in the testicles.

  1. Injuries and other mechanical effects.
  2. Pain in the testicles can indicate injuries of varying severity.

So, what causes testicle pain when sitting? For example, bruises or blows may well cause a sharp pain, but they will soon pass on their own.

If severe trauma, the sudden intolerable pain can cause painful shock even with the loss of consciousness.

testicle pain

If there is discomfort in the testicles, the patient should note on its character. If the pain is increasing and goes on for a long time, it is likely that you have a chronic injury of the scrotum.

To get rid of this pain in testicle in a timely request for help is not difficult. In addition, you will also be able to avoid a lot of unpleasant consequences that could arise in the case if remained untreated.

If you receive a stabbing or cutting injury to the testicles, do not hesitate for a second to call a doctor. In the absence of medical intervention in the shortest possible time, it is likely to lose a damaged testicle or even remain sterile for a life term. That means that testicle pain treatment should be in time.

The causes of discomfort in the testicles

Rare diseases, a symptom of which is a pain in the testicles, are:

  • varicocele – varicose veins testicles,
  • hydrocele (hydrocele) – accumulation of fluid between the shells of eggs,
  • an inguinal hernia – occurs when large volume of the intestine is lowered into the scrotum, resulting from the physical pressure on the testicles (it’s also the answer for “what causes testicular pain after ejaculation?”,
  • urolithiasis and renal tumor – in this case, pain is reflected from the affected organs,
  • tumors in the testes, and others.

When to see a doctor?

In order to avoid serious and even dangerous consequences, we suggest you urgently to seek help from a urologist or an andrologist in the following situations.

  1. Touching one or both testicles is painful for you.
  2. They have increased in size or became softer and changed their shape.
  3. You felt a sudden sharp pain in the testicle.
  4. There was a pain in the scrotum, which only increases over time.
  5. You feel discomfort in the scrotum, accompanied by nausea, vomiting, and fever.
  6. The pain, which appeared after testicular injury, failed for an hour.
  7. When the touching of testicular you found on one of them uncharacteristic tuberosity or bulge (may be painful or absolutely painless).

Remember, the sooner you will set the cause of the testicle pain, the faster you will be able to eliminate them with minimal impact on the male health.


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