When do the symptoms of HIV start?

How do the first symptoms of HIV infection appear? What is the difference between symptoms of men and women? Read the information below to learn more facts about this dangerous disease.


When do the first symptoms of HIV appear?

HIV is one of the most terrible and dangerous infections in the modern world. Firstly, because drugs against this disease were not found yet, and secondly, its signs practically aren't shown in any way. At penetration of a virus into a human body, as well as at its intensive reproduction, there are practically no obvious symptoms. Therefore, the only true way for identification of this disease is passing the test for HIV infection. So when do symptoms of HIV first appear? Very seldom, the person can have symptoms of such infection already at early stages of development of a disease, as the first signs are quite inexpressive. For example, at the patient, the temperature increase to 37.5 – 38 degrees Celsius is observed. It is also possible to observe the increase in lymph nodes, a sore throat, especially during swallowing. The rash in the form of red spots can sometimes develop on the skin. At this stage of development of a disease sometimes, there is diarrhea.

It is possible to notice that all above-mentioned symptoms are suitable also for the description of an ordinary catarrhal disease. In most cases, patients quite often perceive this signs and therefore don't pay any attention. Besides, all signs disappear quickly enough and don't cause any fears. It means only one – the infection has passed on the new stage – the development.

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Many people don't even guess that they are infected, as HIV can imperceptibly develop in an organism within 10 – 12 years. Sometimes many years pass between stages of HIV and AIDS, and only then, the virus passes into the real disease of an immune system.

After all, in certain cases, the disease can give quite visible signs. In most cases, this is the absolutely insignificant increase of lymphatic nodes on a neck, a clavicle or in the inguinal area. At increase in lymph nodes, patients, as a rule, undergo small testing at the doctor as there many diseases with such symptoms. It is also necessary to include the analysis of HIV infection in this check. During development of an infection in a human body, the immune system gradually becomes weak. As protective systems of an organism don't work, even the slightest cold can lead to a lethal outcome of the patient. Constant complications of those diseases, which the healthy person overcomes very easily, are observed.

AIDS, or syndrome of the acquired immune deficiency, is characterized by such signs as constant pneumonia, herpes, tuberculosis and other diseases. The infected person is most inclined to these sicknesses and dies from them often. It is just the stage of development of a disease, at which human health strongly worsens. The patient can't walk, sit, and perform the most ordinary operations. In most cases, careful home care is necessary for such person. Of course, now there are no drugs against this horrible disease. But the disease needs, all the same, to be diagnosed, and the earlier, the better. At the correct treatment of HIV, it is possible to prolong the life of the ill person.

One more danger is that very often other forms of viral or bacterial diseases come together with HIV. In most cases, these are sexually transmitted infections. Such diseases can cause an unexpected exacerbation of AIDS. The modern medicine tries to fight against it to improve and facilitate the life of the sick person.

At some patients, tumors develop, which can be met bigger frequency, and have heavier current or the uncertain forecast at HIV-positive patients. Dysfunction of the nervous system can occur at a part of patients.

Symptoms of HIV in males 1

Symptoms of HIV aid at women and men

Anyway, the first symptoms of HIV rash are identical at men and at women. Symptoms of HIV virus are temperature increases to 38 degrees and can keep for 2-3 days. The general weakness of an organism expressed in the breakdown of short-term and long-term character. The increase in lymph nodes is the main symptom of HIV. These symptoms can be shown not always. This is the reason that the person can live with HIV long time, even without suspecting about it. But knowledge of a disease, in this case, won't save the person from HIV consequences. There is an opinion that HIV in a female body develops more slowly than in men's though more careful attitude of the woman to herself can be the reason for that.

Symptoms of HIV in males

Because men are inclined to more active lifestyle, the probability of HIV infection symptoms on them is higher. And the case is in the chaotic sex life, which is followed by the frequent change of sexual partners. While the woman strives for constancy, both in daily, and in intimate life, the man, most likely, won't miss the chance to test novelty in feelings. But the more women contacted to such man, the more risk to be infected is. Of course, using condoms, it is possible to avoid negative consequences, but as practice shows, the consciousness of the person concerning safe sex very often doesn’t help him.

Symptoms of HIV in females

Most of girls and women are inclined to diseases of a urinal and genital system that leads to decrease in immunity and increases the chances to catch HIV. The main symptoms of HIV infection at women are the increase in lymph nodes in the inguinal area, painful periods, mucous from a vagina, pains in the field of a basin and headaches, and also the increased fatigue and irritability. Of course, at once it is impossible to write off usual fatigue or painful periods for HIV. However, the long manifestation of symptoms has to make the person think and undergo the corresponding inspection in the AIDS center.


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