Yeast infection remedies

What is yeast infection and how can you treat it with remedies? Get the answers now!

Why does candidosis appear

Yeast infection, or candidosis is an infectious disease, caused by a yeast-like fungus called Candida.

Mostly yeast infection affects women’s genitals, but it can also affect men and even children, as this fungus is capable to exist not only in vagina, but also in mouth or bowels.

Why does candidosis appear?

Candida is present in any human body and is a conditionally pathogenic fungus, meaning it remains unnoticed for a long time, until some favorable conditions appear and promote its reproduction.

Before starting to cure yeast infection, you have to understand, that its occurrence means weakness of immune system, when protective functions are low and cannot hold fungus growth. The count of useful bacteria lowers, pathogenic microorganisms take their place.

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Why does candidosis

There are some primary factors that ease fungus reproduction:

Infectious diseases

Antibiotics intake

Endocrine diseases, such as diabetes

Hormonal contraceptives intake

Bowels dysbacteriosis, surgical  intervention

Secondary factors are:

Wearing tight underwear


Climate change

Sugary foods abuse

Yeast infection can easily penetrate into adjacent organs, most often to urinary system and gastrointestinal tract, causing their malfunctions. For example, Candida   causes severe dysbacteriosis in bowels, which can be defined by such symptoms as diarrhea, meteorism and white flakes in stool.

Yeast infection can be transferred via sexual contact and via common contact, and also can be passed from mother to child while birth (70% of cases).

candidosis appear

Yeast infection remedies

It is advised to use different kinds of remedies along with medical treatment in cases of yeast infections. First of all these measures include irrigation with infusions and decoctions of medicinal herbs. Here is one of most common recipes:

Make the following liquid: 1 teaspoon of calendula oil, 2 drops of tea tree oil. In the evening inject this liquid with a syringe (without a needle) before going to sleep.

Mix one table spoon of dry oak bark, 1 tbsp chamomile, 1 tbsp salvia, 3 tbsp nettle. Take two table spoons of this mix and add 1 litter of boiling water. Leave overnight and irrigate with this infusion in the morning.

Mix one tbsp chamomile with 2 tbsp calendula, add 1 litter of boiling water and leave overnight. Filter and use for infusion in the morning.

Make a tampon of gauze; tie a thick thread to it. Soak the tampon in fat free yoghurt (homemade is best). Place it deep into vagina and eave overnight. In the morning wash thoroughly with camomile infuse. Repeat daily during one week.


Take even parts of camomile, calendula, salvia, milfoil, juniper, eucalyptus, birch buds and poplar buds. Take 2 tbsp of this mix, put into a thermos bottle and add 1 litter of boiling water. Leave overnight. Use to make local baths.

 Using baking soda and iodine to get rid of candidosis is one of oldest methods. Many women use these products for first aid measures whenever they see or feel some symptoms.

Baking soda infusion is an alkaline environment which is fatal for Candida fungus. But even though you feel relief right after first appliance, continue using this infusion for at least two weeks. External symptoms are just an iceberg top, because fungus affects vagina deep inside and you need to apply soda infusion for a long period of time to clean it out.

Specialists’ advice is to use soda infusion every 3-4 hours to wash out flaky secretion. Take 1 teaspoon of baking soda and 1 litter of boiled water. Use a big syringe to irrigate yourself inside thoroughly.

 candidosis appear 2016

Also you can take a big plastic bowl and make sitting baths. Take 1 tbsp baking soda, 1 litter warm boiled water and 1 teaspoon of iodine. Pour it into a plastic bowl and sit in it for 20 minutes. Save this infusion, and to use it next time, add another tbsp soda, 1 teaspoon iodine and 1 litter of boiling water. Repeat daily for at least one week.

To avoid repetition of yeast infection, take steps to strengthen your immune system. Make healthy choices, spend more time outside in the fresh air, do physical activity regularly, sleep and rest more, and try to avoid stress. If you smoke, try to quit, as smoking affects immune system negatively. Try to drink less alcohol. Eat more cultured milk foods like yoghurt, they are really good for your gut organisms, which play a really important role in your immune system functioning.


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