Annular eclipse: how to enjoy it in Nigeria?

How to watch the annular solar eclipse safely in Nigeria? Get the practical tips for September 1, 2016.

Annular eclipse

2016 is a special year, as Nigerians would be able to watch annular eclipse on September 1. This means the moon would pass by the sun and cover it up. People living in the Indian Ocean area will see only the glowing circle of the sun! How to watch this amazing sight safely?

How to watch annular eclipse safely in Nigeria?

They also call it the ring of fire eclipse. It’s an amazing sight. So, what do you do to enjoy it fully and safely?

  1. Get or make the viewer
    Your eyes can be severely damaged, if you watch the eclipse without one. Sunglasses are no good. You can either buy a special viewer, or make one at home. Get a cardboard box and make two openings in it.
    One opening should be covered with white paper and the other one with the aluminum foil with a hole in it.
    Annular eclipse in Nigeria
  2. Find the best spot for watching
    People in Tanzania are the luckiest, as they would see it the most. But in Nigeria you can find any high and open spot for watching the ring of fire eclipse. Mind that many people would be eager to find a great location, so book it ahead of time.

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  3. Protect your retina
    The problem is that it can get damaged by the sunburn. And it gives you no pain, so you cannot really tell when it happens. So, 30 is enough to damage your sight completely. Protect the eyes and do not look up without the special viewer.
  4. The time
    7.08 am is the best time to watch this annular eclipse.

If you follow these 4 tips, you can enjoy the ring of fire safely and keep your eyes healthy. It’s a remarkable events, so do not miss it!

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