Can sperm cure pimples?

How the sperm helps to cure acne? Can sperm improve skin condition? Does sperm help to make the skin clean? Find out more useful information from the article.

Can sperm cure pimples?

Sperm to get rid of pimples

Every woman, even the most inexperienced, knows that the most vulnerable place of man is his penis. But very few people are interested in the value of the seed of men. Perhaps it is just not so interesting. But we can easily humiliate the sexual partner if after oral sex we spit the cum out of the mouth. But if your partner and your relationships are mature and stable, there is no need to do that. No, it's not just about partner's pleasure. It is very useful for your own health, according to scientists. It is especially pleasing to the male ego, too.

sperm cell can cure pimples

Improving appearance

The men's semen contains many prostaglandins that stimulate the generation of an estrogen in a woman's body. They are responsible for the femininity, sexuality, and attractiveness. Can sperm cure pimples? Of course, a sperm cell can cure pimples. Because of a regular oral administration of sperm improve:

  • skin,
  • nails,
  • hair.

They will become thicker and healthier, and your breasts will always be in good condition.

can sperm cure acne

External usage

Also, note the external use of sperm. If you decide to use it instead of cream or mask, you will not suffer from pimples and other skin blemishes.

Male ejaculate helps against skin problems. Here is the answer for can sperm cure acne: the fact is that the sperm protein is a mixture of fat inclusions, lecithin, some trace elements and cellular structures. The most important component in the treatment of acne is a protein shake. That is how sperm cell can cure pimples.

Proteins depend on the composition and the therapeutic effect of the male product. The researchers conducted an experiment involving 1,500 women aged 18 to 25 years. All of them were in need of facial cosmetic correction. Women were applying sperm daily to the skin for 20 minutes, then rinsed with warm water, and did not use any creams. Does sperm help your skin? Now you can see that it’s a proven fact.

A positive result was noticed in 69% of cases on the third day. Ladies noted a significant decrease in redness, reducing itching, and unpleasant rashes. In general, the result was noted sooner or later by all participants. It is worth noting that the donors, who provided the sperm for research, led a healthy lifestyle. Men have not had any infections, had good nutrition and were actively engaged in sports.

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sperm cell can cure pimples

Other curing abilities

With the help of sperm, you will be able to cure or prevent a variety of diseases. Prostaglandins are involved in metabolic processes. Even a stomach ulcer retreats with regular swallowing of the men ejaculate.

Scientists have found that women, who swallow cum, are much less at risk of breast cancer. The secret produced by the male body is enriched with proteins and minerals. It contains very few calories. It reveals its favor for the female body. Furthermore, it may be an indispensable antidepressant.

With its help, you will become pregnant and bear a child. Indeed, very often the female body can react to the embryo as a foreign body and reject it. If the couple is used to engage in oral sex already for a long time, the body gets used to the DNA. Engraftment of cells will be easier, because, for the body, these cells are not something new.

Also during pregnancy, it is very beneficial for the body to receive sperm in any way. This may be the oral or vaginal route. The mood of the pregnant woman is to be normalized, you will forget about depression. Also bearing process will be safe on the normal hormonal level.

You can even improve your memory. For this purpose, a study was conducted. Women who started having sex early and often practiced swallowing sperm had better results in some qualities. They include:

  • mental capacity,
  • logical thinking,
  • protection against toxins and cholesterol.

It can be concluded that the sperm will not only help to beat acne but also to improve the overall condition of the body.


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