Guinness record: Who is the hairiest girl in the world?

Where does the hairiest girl live? What happened to her? Check up the story of little girl-wolf and her photos here right now!

the world's hairiest girl

Supatra Sasufan is 11 years old. And she has already got into the Guinness Book of Records as the world's hairiest girl.

Supatra was often teased ‘monkey’, ‘cub’. The hair on her face prevented her from seeing what was happening. When she was young it even prevented from breathing. Only now the girl is smiling and enjoying life:

- I am happy that I got into the Guinness Book of Records - Supatra says. – A lot of people have to try and achieve this, and I just answered a few questions.

Supatra Sasufan

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After getting the award of the title of ‘the most hairy teen’ Supatra no longer worries about her appearance, and even the school began to treat her better.

- Previously, I was teasing a monkey and a wolf's face, - complains Supatra. - But now they are no longer teasing me.

Supatra Sasufan is one of 50 people in the world, who are suffering from Ambras syndrome. This disease is caused by a genetic mutation, and it is impossible to determine who is responsible for the damaged gene - mother or father.

 hairiest woman on earth

The whole body, face, ears and even a nose and eyelids of Supatra are covered with hair, but the girl is a normal teenager. She likes to swim, listen to music, watch cartoons; she has a lot of friends.

No way to remove hair from Supatra body worked. The doctors tried to remove hair using laser and other types of hair removal procedures, but they grew very quickly. Now the mother often cuts hair of her daughter.

- I always used to be like that - says the girl. - I do not notice hair. I almost do not feel it, as I’ve always been like this. Only sometimes I cannot see what is happening around when the hair grows too long. I hope that one day I can get rid of them.

Supatra dreams of becoming a doctor and find a way to deal with their illness.

hairiest girl

- I want to become a doctor and help people - the girl says.

Getting a Guinness Record was very pleasant for girl, but she still has to live with this illness. Maybe one day she will also get the title of ‘the hairiest woman on earth’.

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