How Illuminati Started

Do you know how illuminati soceity started? Read and find out what lead to appearance of this famous secret society!

There are some scientists who think that the secret Illuminati society appeared in the 18th century. And there are different theories about how illuminati organization was formed.  


The scientists from the German universities were investigating this topic.

Illuminati – how it all started

The Illuminati came out in May 1776. Neophytes also became a part of it. Initially the society included just five people, but a few years later the Bavarian cities also had some members.

In the end of 18th century, the number of participants amounted to 300 members, and a few years later it reached 650.  And even before that the parts of the society were all around Europe and even Russia.

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The top leaders of the Illuminati society made themselves up the fake names. For example, Spartacus (Weishaupt), Philo (Baron Krigge), Pythagoras (Professor Vestenrider). And also Lucian (bookseller Nicola), Mari (Canon Hertel), Cato (Solicitor Tsvakk).

How illuminati got started

 It should be noted that the management preferred to work with a different contingent of people. Therefore, some leaders would choose among the clever students while the others wanted to see the rich people among the members.


The group of the Bavarian Illuminati included Duke Karl August of Weimar, Gotha Ernest II, Ferdinand of Brunswick. And a lot of professors of Gottingen, including Pestalozzi and Prince Neuwied were also a part of it.

The number of the secret organization eventually, reached two thousand people.

The activities of the Bavarian members continued until the 1784-1786 period. And then it was defeated. There came out the law which prohibited the activities of all the secret societies and organizations. The Illuminati and the Freemasons were forced to close their churches.

Meanwhile the police carried out some searches in the homes of the leaders and found a lot of interesting documents. In particular, it helped to establish that the society was funded by the Rothschild clan.  It was done secretly.

It should be noted that the rapid spread of the Illuminati influence was based not only on the charisma and personal qualities and abilities of Krigge and Weishaupt. Most likely, they were just a foundation. And here begin the most interesting and incredible events.


According to some scholars, the leaders of the illuminate society were not ordinary people. They were reptilian aliens, who were able to change their shape. So they basically looked like people.

Let’s think of the meaning of the word "Illuminati". It is translated as "enlightened" from Latin. According to some reports, this organization is still somewhere out there.

And it hides under the guise of some elite clubs of oligarchs who secretly control the world.

 All these oligarchs control all the power in the world. In fact, they are the puppet masters in all the most important areas of political and economic life.

The members of this club occupy the highest positions, they are very rich, and consider themselves above the law. And lately they have been calling their organization the "South Wind Morayi".


Most of them belong to one of the richest families in the world, and they rule the world from the shadows. This people make the most important decisions. They write the rules for the rulers and governments. Their family histories go back to a lot of centuries ago.

It is especially important for them to save the purity of blood from generation to generation. The power of these people is based not only on the economic power, but also on the secret knowledge. The Illuminati own the World Bank, oil business and the most powerful trade organizations and industries.




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Some conspiracy theorists, based on Masonic legend, believe that the history of this order must be calculated for a period of as many as 6, OOO years — since the time when either extraterrestrial, or otherworldly forces manifested Sumerian priests a Book of Authority, written

on the stone. But after the Sumerians legendary Book was copied on papyrus by the Egyptians and since then kept in the strictest confidence.

Sometimes you can find claims that this secret order of scientists, keeping secret knowledge from ordinary mortals, have existed since Antiquity, and many famous and today the pillars of Greek wisdom consisted in its ranks.

How about close or even identical to the Illuminati society experts say about the one called filadelfo. Then they quickly dealt Royal knight Guillot de Nogaro, well known for his defeat of the knights Templar. XVII century philadelphy reappeared in England, and a century later in France, however, there already is a name appropriated from one of the Masonic lodges...

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