Illuminati confirmed: Check out  the "Eye of God" spotted in the sky

What the sky could tell by the form? Is there a hidden Illuminati symbol in the eye of god in Astana?

God is watching

Have you had a feeling that somebody is watching you? Many people believed that God is watching them from the sky and try to find all symbols of that. Other try to figure out the contours of the human body on the sky. It was quite a joyful game in the childhood when you could just lie on the grass and watch the sky. As a young kid, you might have used to argue with your friends about shapes of the clouds and their resemblance to the animals or things. Nevertheless, it seems that some can`t kick the habit even in the adulthood, but now they find more complicated things in the clouds.

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picture on the social network

An amateur photographer from Astana captured the picture of the eye about Kazakhstan’s capital. He posted the picture on the social network where it gained a new life. The eye-cloud was named “The Eye of God”. It produced a fear in the social media as this symbol is connected to the Illuminati. It`s a brotherhood that connected to the various conspiracy theories. According to one of them, Illuminati is true leaders of the world or at least have some influence in the world`s politics, economy, religion…

The eye of God

“The eye of God” is the main symbol of Illuminati and you may see it in many variants on many logos and pictures. You might have seen it on the dollar`s bill. Therefore, seeing one of the symbols of this mystic organization caused a discussion within borders of the social network. Nevertheless, when some people tried to find some conspiracy and mystic within the eye cloud, other just suggested that it could be a fake or effervescence of invention. It`s true that there are thousands of fake pictures on the Internet, and you might not be a Photoshop master to create it. Also, people try to seek resemblance of something familiar in clouds. Nevertheless, the owner of the picture claims that everything captured it is true.

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