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Who are illuminati members and what is their history? Read this article and learn more about this secret society!

Many people have heard of the Illuminati and illuminati symbols, but few of them know who they really are. What are the illuminati history facts?


Wikipedia gives the following definition of the Illuminati: it is an occult and philosophical association. These are organizations that are secretly involved in the management of the world political process and affect the course of history.

At the same time, according to some historians, people who were Illuminati in their past lives have to pay for all the sins they are guilty of during their next lives.

Scientists also say that this secret organization existed for two thousand years. It often changed its name in order not to attract too much attention of people and confuse them.

None of those who were Illuminati, talked about it openly, because they would have been killed for it. All Illuminati really valued their own lives, even though they knew about the possibility of reincarnations.

The conscience of each illuminate was blocked by the head coach. The Illuminati had to go through the special training after the preliminary selection.

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The level of training was determined by the level of knowledge of the secret government. Only seven of the Illuminati members had the highest degree of dedication. A special woman was chosen to become their mother even before their birth.

The other Illuminati members were chosen among gifted children with good mental activity and a complete lack of conscience.

All Illuminati know who they are and what they should do. And they perform the tasks very well. The failure to comply with the order meant death. All Illuminati were convinced of their own uniqueness.

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They created rules for people to secretly manage and control the governments of many countries. At the same time the sources of funding and information were hidden from the public. Their secret orders might have become a cause of crises and armed conflicts in the world. For members of this secret society the feeling of respect is something unusual, they want to dominate other people.

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The Illuminati do not trust anyone; they are cold, clever and heartless towards people. They use the talented people for their own purposes, providing good conditions and higher salary.

There are also scientists who believe that illuminate organizations started about 6000 years ago. Their belief is based on the Masonic legend, which says that some extraterrestrial forces presented the Book of Power written in stone to the so-called Sumerian civilization.

Later, the Egyptians have copied it on papyrus, and strictly protected from the others.

There is another version, according to which the Illuminati first appeared in the Middle Ages. Back than it was a secret society that consisted of the educational researchers, who fought against the persecutions of the Inquisition.

illuminati history

This theory says that the illuminate members included Leonardo da Vinci, Copernicus, Galileo Galilei, and Isaac Newton. In particular, a French journalist Etienne Cashier describes it in his book.

The author also suggests that such a secret society that hid the knowledge from the ordinary people existed since the ancient times and a lot of ancient Greek philosophers were a part of it.

Scientists also say that there was also another organization in the world, which was somewhat similar to the Illuminati. It is the so-called Philadelphia society.


We first heard about it at the beginning of the 14th century. It appeared in France, and Giyyar de Kressonessar became the head of the Philadelphia society and proclaimed himself the angel of the church in Philadelphia (the one which is mentioned in the context of the Apocalypse).

In 1310 Kressonessar was declared a heretic he and was imprisoned in a dungeon. A few centuries later, in the 17th century, Philadelphia reappeared in England. And then they moved to France, where one of the existing Masonic lodges took the name Philadelphia.


I've been fond of history, and these facts are very interesting to me, though very messy. But someday become a reality, but only in divination I never believed and do not believe, just believe in the facts that really confirmed. Because of this history of the Illuminati, I learned in the first. But I hope someday in my life, I see them in reality. I really enjoyed this article, and I'll be glad when something read to continue as developing restoration of the facts, to change something else, and this is the last discovery. Generally forward to continuing these unusual objects.

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Society of the Bavarian Illuminati was founded may 1, 1776 in Ingolstadt University law Professor Adam Weishaupt. Society can be described as a radical offshoot of the Enlightenment, which in this period was gaining strength.

The founder of the order of Weishaupt was known proponent of deism, and the Order under his leadership has actively contributed to the dissemination and promotion of deism.

Officially, the purpose of the Illuminati was declared the improvement and refinement of humanity. Weishaupt claimed that the natural man by nature is not bad. Bad environment makes it: religion, the state, outside influences. Natural rights of equality and freedom given to everyone from birth, were taken away.

Answered 7 months ago.
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