Should Nigerian teachers beat their students?

The answer is negative. No one member of educational process in Nigerian school should beat students. Read the article to accept or deny the opinion.

beating in schools
Unfortunately, beating students with canes as a disciplinary measure still takes place in most Nigerian schools, a situation many is sad.

Fortunately, many teachers believe flogging students has no place in today's education. It is strictly recommended to them to develop better ingenious ways of correcting students.

Teachers tend to refuse corporal punishment while others believe that teaching must necessarily include the use of the cane in a world indiscipline has eaten too deep into the moral fabric of the society.

The problem is that beating students in school or children in Nigeria is not unlawful unlike in countries like America and England where peoples' rights are protected better.

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beating in schools

Social opinion

School authorities must learn to draw the line between discipline and torture, as incidents of brutality against students appears to be on the rise

What to do if the teacher is beating students in Nigeria or systematically makes jokes on the child? If the is clearly and intentionally unfair to a particular student? Has the teacher the right to criticize a student in public? How to deal with the unethical behavior of a teacher?

Currently, the legislation does not set specific requirements for professional behavior of the teachers during the process of education.

beating in schools

The right to respect a human dignity

No matter what are the restrictions, a student has the right to respect his human dignity. The right to be protected from all forms of physical and mental violence, injury personality, the protection of life and health.

The teacher is required to observe the legal, moral and ethical standards, follow requirements of professional ethics.

Teacher as a provider of education should respect the honor and dignity of students and other participants of educational relations.

The teacher has no right to yell at the kids, raise his hand, offend the dignity of students or humiliate them in front of the classmates.

beating in schools

No idea to punish the child in an inhumane way. In the case of a disciplinary violation on the part of the learner, the teacher should be guided by the Charter of the school and resolve the issue with parents and school administration.

The student and his parents should have the right to demand the termination of such action on the part of teachers. The specific steps depend on the personal characteristics of the teacher, Director and General situation in the school.

If it is still not possible to fix the situation, the parent may raise the issue of transferring the child to another classroom or another teacher.

In any case, it must be enhanced the problem of abuse.

Even if a teacher beating students in a class will not be punished, it is possible that the incident will be documented by the existence of complaints, or an interview with the school Headmaster in private.

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