Twin capital of the world: is it in Nigeria?

Why so many twins are born in the Twin capital of the world? Learn what their secret is.

twin capital of the world

In the past tribal people used to kill twins. They believed those were evil, but one missionary woman Mary Slessor stopped it and saved thousands of lives. Presently, Nigerians love twins and women dream of conceiving them. In one town they get luck with it over and over again!

Nigerian twins town:

It is called Igbo-Ora and you can find it some 80 km away from the ex-capital city of Nigeria Lagos. Even BBC news reporters got interested enough in the phenomena to visit it. They were mightily impressed and named the place “the Land of the twins.”

Currently it is inhabited by over 60 thousand people. The number of twins in town is the largest in the whole world. How do they make it happen?

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Some say God blessed them with this special thing. Others believe it is caused by what the women eat there. Yam is their major food and they cook a soup out of it. Most ladies, and men too consume it daily.

This food helps women to conceive more twins and it works like a natural fertility treatment. However, there are those who say: twins are born only in Yoruba families of the town. That is not exactly true. But whatever is causing the birth of many twins, Igbo-Ora remains one of the wonders of the world!

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