What are the most interesting water facts?

What are the most interesting and surprising facts about water? What are facts about water in Africa and the whole world? Read the information below to learn more facts about this widespread, but mystic substance.

•Water facts and trends

Water facts

Water is the simplest and habitual substance on the planet. But at the same time water conceals a set of riddles in itself. Scientists still continue to investigate it, finding more and more interesting data on water. On the 22nd of March, the Day of water resources is celebrated around the world. This holiday has been established according to the decision of the General Assembly of the United Nations to remind mankind of importance of water resources for the environment and development of society.

Water facts and statistics

Now 70 percent of the territories of our planet are covered with water. At the same time, it is possible to drink only 1% of this water. Every year problems of access to water resources become more sharp. Over the last 50 years, 507 conflicts connected with access to water have occurred in the world. 21 disputes have led to military operations.

Water facts in Africa and the whole world

  • The clearest water is located in Finland. According to UNESCO, Finland has the clearest water. 122 countries participated in a research of fresh natural water. At the same time, 1 billion people worldwide have no access to safe water at all.
  • To receive ice of hot water is quicker that of cold. What water will turn into ice quicker: hot or cold? If to argue logically, then, of course, it is cold. It is necessary to cool down hot water at first, and then already to freeze, but it isn't necessary to cool down cold water. However, experiments show that hot water turns into ice quicker. The exact answer to a question why hot water freezes quicker than cold still doesn't exist. Perhaps, the matter is a difference of overcooling, evaporation, formation of ice, convection, or in the impact of the diluted gasses on the hot and cold water.

Water facts for health

  • The third fact is that there is super cooling. Everyone remember the fact that water freezes at 0 degrees, and begins to boil at 100 degrees from a school course of physics well. However, there is a so-called super cooling of water. Very clear water without impurity has such a quality. Even at cooling below zero such water remains liquid. But in all cases, there are temperatures, at which water will become ice or will begin to boil, whatever you do with it.
  • Water has more than 3 states. Everybody knows that water has 3 aggregate states: liquid, solid, and gaseous. However, scientists allocate 5 various conditions of water in the liquid state and 14 states in the frozen type.
  • Water has the qualities of glass. What will be if to take the frozen clear water and to continue cooling? There will be wonderful transformations with water. At 120 degrees below zero water becomes viscous, and at the temperature of 135 below zero degrees, it turns into 'glass' water. 'Glass' water is a solid substance, in which there is no crystal structure, as in the glass.
  • Water is a life’s basis. All live animals and vegetable beings consist of water: animals – for 75%, fishes – for 75%, jellyfishes – for 99%, potatoes – for 76%, apples – for 85%, tomatoes – for 90%, cucumbers – for 95%, water-melons – for 96%. Even the person consists of water. 86% of water is contained in a body at the newborn and 50% – at elderly people.

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Water facts in Africa and the whole world

  • Water not only gives life but also can take it away. 85% of all diseases in the world are transmitted through water. Annually 25 million people die of these diseases.
  • Water facts for health – the person dies without water. If the person loses 2% of the water of the mass of the body, then he has a strong thirst. If the percent of the lost water increase to 10, then person hallucinates. At loss of 12%, the person won't be able to be restored without the assistance of the doctor. At loss of 20%, the person dies.
  • Most of all fresh water is stored in glaciers. Where does the most part of all water stores? The answer seems obvious: in the World Ocean. However actually, in an Earth's mantle contains 10-12 times bigger amount of water than in the World Ocean. At the same time all mass of water, which is almost available on the planet isn't suitable for the drink. We can drink only 3% of water. This is our reserves of fresh water. But even the most part of 3% is inaccessible as it is contained in glaciers.
  • Water as a diet. By means of water, it is possible to fight against excess weight. Using only water, it is possible to reduce the general caloric content of a diet. Firstly, because the person stops drinking high-calorie sweet water and juice, and secondly, because he doesn't want to take sweets, as in the case with tea or coffee.
  • Water for the healthy heart. Water helps to reduce the probability of heart attack. During the researches, scientists have found out that those people who drink about six glasses of water a day are less subjected to the risk of warm blow unlike those who drink only two glasses.
  • 35 tons of water for life. Without water, people can live not very long. The need for water is on the second place after oxygen. Without food, people can live about six weeks, but without water – only five-seven days. For all the life, the person drinks about 35 tons of water.
  • Water facts and trends: the most expensive water. Water can be free, and it can be very expensive. The most expensive water in the world is on sale in Los Angeles. Producers pack precious liquid with the balanced taste into bottles with pastes of Swarovski. Such water costs $90 for 1 liter.


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