What are top 10 most populated countries?

What is the most populated country in the world and what is the number of its population? What state takes the first position in the list of the most populated countries in Africa? Read the information below to learn these statistics.

Most populated countries in the world

Most populated countries in the world

The world population constantly increases. In 2012, the total number of the population has exceeded 7 billion. Today there are many countries with a high population so there is a need to control unstable growth. In this direction, some efforts are used, but they seem useless because it is expected that by 2050 population will exceed 10 billion. If the population of the country is very high, and a financial situation is unstable, then people can face such problem as hunger. Already today because of the dense population, a number of the countries can't provide people the satisfaction of essential needs. So, let's consider the most populated countries where the number of citizens has already exceeded a boundary of 100 million.

What are the top 10 most populated countries?

  • World's most populated country is China. A total number of the population is 1.347.350.000 people. Earlier we have already noted that the increase in population leads to infinite problems. But China has proved the other side, directing the energy of people on work. As a result, China has the rapid growth of the economy in the world and possesses a big stability. The country makes almost everything that there is in the world market, at the lowest prices.
  • India. It should be noted that India borders with China and is its chief competitor. The population of India makes people. The growth rate of the population over the last 10 years really causes alarm, even, despite the huge territory of the country. In addition, in India, there are many places where people live below the poverty line. The Indian government and mass media tried to stop the growth of the population among poor people by the corresponding promotion. But to give birth for many children is the traditional phenomenon for Indians so it is very difficult to affect it.
  • USA. The general population of the USA makes 314.540.000 people. The population has considerably increased for the last decade. The state has to take the appropriate measures to control the growth of the population. The ethnic structure of the population of the USA is extremely various. As well as a variety of racial list of residents of the United States of America, a large number of ethnic (national) groups in the country are caused, first of all, by the history of the USA. Throughout many centuries, immigrants from England, Spain, Germany, Russia, Ireland, Sweden, China, Italy and many other countries came to the USA. In the USA, it is possible to meet people practically of any nationality. The most numerous ethnic groups in the USA for today, are descendants of Germans, the African people, Irish, British and Mexicans.

most populated countries

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  • Indonesia. Nobody could assume that the small island can sometimes get to a top of the list of the most densely populated countries. The population of Indonesia makes 237.641.326 people where the main part of the population lives on one of the small islands of Indonesia.
  • Brazil is considered the richest country in Latin America in the cultural plan with the population of 193.946.886 people. During the period since 2000-2011, the population grew in high gear, but for today rate of birth has decreased that allows controlling an energy crisis. Brazil is known for the soccer team, carnivals, and TV series. Also, it appears in the rating of 10 countries with developing economies.
  • Pakistan. Now Pakistan is one of the countries, which are discussed in media. There is a low level of resources, and the country practically doesn't develop. In Pakistan, terrorist wars constantly break out. It is included in the rating of 15 most dangerous tourist places in the world. The population of Pakistan makes 180.882.000 people, and today it steadily continues to grow.

What are the top 10 most populated countries

  • Nigeria takes the first place of most populated countries in Africa. The country has the general population in 166.629.000 people, which continues to grow. Nigeria began to be mentioned in media often after the election of Barack Obama as president of the United States, having ancestors from this country. Stability here depends on natural resources, which Nigeria exports.
  • Russian Federation. The population of the Russian Federation makes 143.200.000 people. According to the European measures, this number is huge, but the territory allows having the population many times more than presented. The total area of the country makes 17.075.400 sq. km. Actually, the government carries out work on the increase in birth rate to reduce dependence on working migrants. But every year, the population decreases due to the global poverty, lack of medicine, and illiteracy of the most part of citizens.
  • Japan. The population of Japan makes 12.752.000 people. Tokyo is the largest city. In Japan, the rapid growth of the economy, despite huge population, is observed. Japan is the one-nation country. Japanese people make 99% of its population. Japan differs in the highest average life expectancy (about 80 years) in the world. Average population density here is more than 300 people on 1 sq. km. Urban saturation in the country is high — more than 76% of the population live in the cities.

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