What are top 5 world's richest countries?

Here is the newest list of the top 5 wold's richest countries of the world. Read the article and find out, where should you move immediately!

What are top 5 world's richest countries?

What country is the richest in the world? What five countries in the world are the richest and the most prosperous?

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So, today we are going to familiarize you with some statistics. In this article, we will find out top five richest countries in the world today. What do you think, which country will be on the first place?

To find out what is the richest country, the GDR of each country per capita and the value of all final goods and services produced in a country over the last year will help us in it. That is, to determine which is the richest country in the world, it is necessary to look not only at GDP per capita. This indicator can be expressed in nominal values, i.e. regarding national currencies to the dollar at market exchange rates. But in different countries for the same amount of money, the same amount of goods and services cannot be purchased.

Therefore, there is another, a more accurate indicator of economic development, wealth, and prosperity — GDP per, capita, calculated at purchasing power parity. Of course, to fully trust this data is not necessary. Judge for yourself, relying entirely on GDP is impossible, and each country has its quality of the product, and its distribution of wealth. After all, even in the same Qatar, which will be discussed later, wealth is not distributed equally. Most of the population of Qatar, in fact, are not in the best condition, it is often awful, unfortunately.

So, we present to your attention the five of the richest countries in the world:

1. Qatar

The average income per capita: 88,222 USD per year. This figure is almost twice the income per person in the United States. Once one of the poorest countries in the Middle East – Qatar, has completely transformed thanks to the reserves of natural gas and oil. Reserves of natural gas ranked third in the world. Today, Qatar is the richest country in the world.

What are top 5 world's richest countries?

Well, what else can we say... Oil... Gas... Oil... Gas... a major industry that moves capital around the world. Search for oil and be rich, as happened with the State of Qatar.

2. Luxembourg

The average income per capita: 81,466 USD per year. For the second half of the twentieth century, the country has become a major financial center in the world.

What are top 5 world's richest countries?

Of course, some merit could be ascribed to the strict laws on banking secrecy, which allowed the country to obtain the status of a tax paradise.

3. Singapore                

The average income per capita: 56,694 USD per year.

What are top 5 world's richest countries?

The country thrives on manufacturing, technology, and of course due to the fact that is the main business center in Asia.

4. Norway

The average income per capita: 51,959 USD per year. Oil products make up almost half of the exports of Norway.

What are top 5 world's richest countries?

In the 1960-ies in the country have discovered large deposits of oil and gas. And in 2010, the Norwegian coast was discovered 3 billion barrels of oil.

5. Brunei

The average income per capita: 48,333 USD per year. Brunei is rich in vast oil and gas deposits.

What are top 5 world's richest countries?

The branch generates 90% of GDP. Every day in Brunei produces about 167,000 barrels of oil per year more than 10 million tons. Production of natural gas is over 12 billion cubic meters per year.

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