What is the Illumimati Conspiracy?

Everyone keeps on talking about this Illuminati society... Who are they? What is the Illuminati conspiracy? In case you need to know the answer to these questions, this article is for you!


Do you wonder why everyone is talking about Illuminati? A lot of people nowadays are very interested in Illuminati society that was actually formed back in the 16th century.

Even though there are a lot of rumours and myth about this organization, a lot actually remains unknown. The country where it all started was Germany.

There were only 5 members and all of them were well-known dukes and other influential rich people. The main purpose of this secret society was to “enlighten” people, make the society more thinking and educated.

However, they didn’t remain secret for a long time. A lot of people found out about them and started gossiping.

Therefore, right now we can’t be sure if all we know about Illuminati is actually true and not just some made up story.

Right now it is believed that Illuminati controlled most of the world and maybe even decided to start the World Wars.

The founder of Illuminati society

There are different opinions on this topic. However, most of the scientists agree that a person who is mostly responsible for the Illumiati conspiracy is a philosopher Adam Weishaupt who came from Germany.

He worked for the university. Moreover, he was the first philosopher to occupy this position as earlier there were priests who were doing this job. He became a great teacher and was loved by the majority of his students.


Everyone loved and supported him. The conflict that occurred was based on the people’s dissatisfaction with the ideas of Roman Catholic Church. Weishaupt was one of those who disagreed with all the policies of the church.

However, his opinion didn’t really matter for the authorities. Therefore, he decided it would be a good idea to make his own secret organization where people could openly talk about things they are not allowed to talk in public.

The philosopher wanted to be like Freemasons but it didn’t work for him. After he realized he couldn’t join them he decided that he would make his own organization.

The development of the Illuminati organization went pretty quickly. In a few years there were thousands of people who proudly called themselves Illuminati.

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That’s why it stopped being that secret. However, people were trying to be as private as possible because the existence of such organizations was illegal and the punishment for that was death penalty.

When the government released this law it meant that the future of all Illuminati members was questionable.

What happened next?

The Order was officially closed but its members didn’t just disappear. They began creating their own small societies where they would gather and do similar things.

It could be that the small amount of people allowed them to remain secret and don’t get in trouble with the law. They did similar to Illuminati things.


For example, Theodore Reuss, the founder of the Ordo Templi Orientis, was doing everything he could to repeat the success of Illuminati.

There were other attempts to restore the society in the end of the 20th century but it doesn’t seem that they were successful.

Why are they still popular?

So this society is believed to be officially closed. But why do people still talk about them?

Well, most people think that the society didn’t just stop its work; they just really figured out ways to become secret and influenced all areas of life.

Moreover, people believe it still exists but might just look a little bit different than a few centuries ago.

Illuminati nowadays – what is their plan?

Most of the people who have ever heard of Illuminati society think that their only goal is to rule the whole planet. Well...

That’s actually true! According to the experts, Illuminati are currently looking for the people who would be the best candidates to control the world. It is also believed that Illuminati already control every area of life.

They decide what movies directors should make. They control the flow of money and the economy of every country too.

Many people think that they make the most important decisions that influence the different countries all over the world.

It is doubtable that they are actually the rulers of the planet but according to the rumours there is definitely something going on here.

There are more than one theories about the origin of this society. Some experts believe that its purpose was completely different and that there were other people who organized it.


For instance, some scientists say that it was formed by Jewish people who wanted the other parts of the world to become whether capitalists or communists so that the world is divided in two parts.

The religious organizations were always scared of the secret organization. They thought that the appearance of so many Illuminati societies might be a sign of the antichrist that is coming to turn the earth into hell.

There were also several books written on this topic. For instance, Society’s Blue Book. It became really famous and it let people find out more about Illuminati.

Where is the evidence?

You might say that there is not enough evidence to prove they are real. And you would be right.

There are a lot of documentaries you can watch but they don’t give a 100 percent guarantee that all that occurred in the movie took place in the real life.

So you can just relax and hope that Illuminati won’t take over the planet in your lifetime.

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