What is the world's most expensive phone in 2016?

What is the most expensive phone in the world this year? What is its price? Read the information to learn.

Most expensive phone in Nigeria and the whole world

Most expensive phone in Nigeria and the whole world

At the era of modern technologies, development of telecommunications and the Internet, people can't forget about such small, but very popular attribute as the mobile phone. In this article, we are talking about the most expensive phone in the world. Here producers have tried wonderfully well. Beginning with Motorola and continuing with iPhones, reputable producers surprise us every year with new additions to a telephone conversation. The phone became not only the means of communication in our days. The audio, photo and video camera, Internet connection, Wi-Fi are not all advantages of the modern phone. Among the huge choice of mobile phones, there are the simplest and cheapest, as well as multipurpose and expensive. Representatives of business elite also love all expensive and magnificent; therefore, they choose not cheap phones. World's most expensive phones are made under the order or in very limited editions. Their prices are so fantastic that even Vertu has hardly taken one of the first positions. Leading places in the rating of most expensive phone 2016 are taken by the production of Apple and it isn't going to concede them. The famous designer from Liverpool, who generously decorates phones with gold and diamonds, helps them.

Most expensive phone in the world 2016 with price

To make the most expensive phone in the world, it is not necessary to give it some improbable characteristics and supernatural opportunities. Usually, people add value to the mobile device applying non-ferrous metals in the production of the case and decorating it with gemstones. At the same time, the fittings of the device (an operating system, the hardware) can be not the best. The most expensive phone in the world at the moment is iPhone 5 Black Diamond. The product has received the assessment in 15 million dollars. It is an absolute record at cost since 2013: still, there was no uniform commercially successful case of sale of the most expensive smartphone. The former champion (iPhone 4) was estimated at 8 million dollars. In 2013, the businessman from Hong Kong who has wished to remain incognito has addressed Stuart Hughes, who specializes in the creation of the most expensive things. The businessman has asked the master to turn iPhone 5 into a very expensive thing. Stewart worked about 9 weeks in this order. The case of pure gold, 600 small diamonds of white color located on all perimeter of a face part and 53 more diamonds decorating a logo of Apple add the cost of the smartphone. Instead of Gorilla Glass, sapphire crystal is established. In all the rest, the smartphone possesses absolutely identical technical characteristics, as well as the usual iPhone 5 model. Someone will tell that this phone doesn't cost 15 million dollars, and will be right. The main value is made by the 26-karat diamond of black color, which is built into the place of the Home button. This is the reason of such name – Black Diamond. This diamond is very rare, and for its installation, the intervention of skilled and talented experts was required. It was made manually. 3 months later, the order was ready, and the unknown businessman from China became the owner of the most expensive smartphone in the world. What isn't surprising at all: in China, production of Apple uses great respect.

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Most expensive phone in the world 2016 with price

Even possessing a solid amount of money, to buy such smartphone would be extremely problematic. If it is possible to find the owner of the device, chances to agree about the transaction will be very scanty. Usually, such things are bought by true connoisseurs and collectors, who wish not to be engaged in their sell or resale. The only option is to make the individual order. If there is no time and desire to wait, it is possible to get the more available gadget, which will be too expensive for the majority of the population. Among 'normal' smartphones, those, which are made without gold and diamonds and which can be seen on store show-windows. The most expensive of them is Signature Touch for Bentley by Vertu Company, which costs minimum 9.000 dollars. It is nearly 10 times more expensive than the most popular leaders of this year. Except the solid price and extravagant design, the producer offers a quite good stuffing: 5.2" Full HD display, the Snapdragon 810 processor, the camera on 21 MP with the support of record of 4K-video, 4 GB of the RAM, and LTE support. The design and the hardware of the previous Vertu Signature Touch model, which became the first manufactured most expensive smartphone, the urgent characteristics are taken as basic.

There is the delicacy in design. Case material is the titan of class 5. For the protection of the screen, the covering of integral polycrystalline sapphire is used. At the production of the case, the leather, which is used for finishing of interiors of cars, is applied. The button of a red ruby opens access to special services of Vertu. Each smartphone is made manually by one master who personally appends the signature on the case. But it is not everything. The services of concierge – the personal consultant for lifestyle are included in the price of the smartphone. The service is available for 18 months from the moment of purchase. Each client who has bought the smartphone becomes the participant of Vertu Life program, within which the owner of the device has the right to get access to the closed clubs and VIP actions. Thanks to the special Certainty system, clients may not worry about safety and security of personal data. At last, the owner of Signature Touch for Bentley gets direct access to the round-the-clock support service.


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