When was Nigerian Airforce established?

When was Nigerian Airforce established? What is the history of the organization? Let’s explore together!

Nigerian airforce

Nigerian Airforce is very famous. It is one of the arms of Nigerian Armed Forces in general. This arm is considered to be among the biggest ones, as it consists of more than 10,000 staff members and military aircrafts including a dozen of Chinese Chengdu F-7s, almost as many Dassault-Dornier Alpha Jets as well as numerous helicopters and transport jets.

Certain historians state the history of Nigerian Airforce started in 1958. However, back then the idea did not find much support, as the citizens had the British air forces to rely on. Nevertheless, during what is known as peacekeeping operations he authorities came to a conclusion that they need Nigerian personal air forces to be able to protect their country and demonstrate their military posture on the world’s arena.

That is why the Nigerian air forces were established in the summer of 1962. The government provided up-to-date facilities for the air arm of their army and recruited Nigerians to join the Armed forces.

Nigerian airforce jet

As the historians now say the Nigerian air forces back then were meant to fulfil four main goals:

  1. To protect their state in the air and ensure the safety of its citizens
  2. To provide help with mobility of the Armed forces of Nigeria
  3. To serve as a means of territorial integrity of Nigeria by the means of providing close connection between sea forces and ground militants
  4. To increase the level of country’s prestige in the eyes of the rest of the world.

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In the very beginning the staff militants of the Nigerian air forces were trained in such a way that they would be able to fight both on the ground and in the air. The NAF also started as a transportation unit, and the authorities sent air forces officers for training to Canada, India and Ethiopia.

Nigerian airforce militants

The first aircrafts were Soviet Union’s MiG-17s that were delivered to Nigeria from Egypt. The total amount of the first aircrafts was ten; among them were two MiG- 15UTIs and eight NiG-17s.

Right now the Nigerian Airforce consists of 4 major Commands with headquarters in Makurdi, Yenagoa, Kaduna and Lagos. These four Commands are responsible for logistics, air tactics, mobility and staff training.

Therefore, they all perform different tasks. For instance, logistics part is in charge of all the equipment and supply that are needed for performing the duties by the Nigerian Airforce militants in different parts for the state. Likewise, air tactics part is responsible for creating a doctrine for various operations and joint actions by Nigerian Airforce.

Nigerian airforce soldiers

Mobility part is in charge of airlift that complies with the tactics and strategy of the Nigerian Airforce during numerous operations help by the Armed Forces in the air. And finally, training unit is in charge of training the militants as well as establishing and coordinating the operational command of the organization.

Since the time of its establishment the Nigerian Airforce has reached new heights. For example, the high level of training the officers get, led to their capability of performing complicated tasks like rescue and search operations in the jungles, high seas and mountains. There was a number of cases when the air force militants were able to save lives of people that were trapped in a building on fire. The first floors were on fire; thus they used helicopters to take people out from the building.

Jobs in air forces are very popular right now, as they offer a lot of benefits like high salaries, constant trainings and development, opportunity for female militants to become a pilot as well as an opportunity to take part in peacekeeping operations.

Nigerian airforce pilots

In order to apply for a job with Nigerian Airforce, make sure to learn the details included into a Short-List Checking Portal. The candidates that comply with the requirements of the authorities can apply for studying at the Nigerian Air Force Academy.

The process of applying for a position at an Academy is quite simple, though the requirements can seem to be very specific and serious.

The successful candidates can then find their names on the admissions list in case of a successful pass of an exam. Do not miss an opportunity of a lifetime to be well-paid for a job that is absolutely worth doing it.

Finally, in case you want to apply for an interview, please make sure to check the dates and venues of the exams and exercises on the official website, as the dates are changing from time to time. And good luck =k to you in pursuing your dream of making a difference in  the lives of Nigerians!

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