When was Nigerian army established?

When was Nigerian army established? How many people are the participants of Nigerian army nowadays? Read the information below to learn more facts about it.

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When was Nigerian army established?

Nigerian Army is the biggest part of Nigerian Armed forces, which is operated by Nigerian Army Council (NAC). It is responsible for all military operations, which take place in the country. So when was Nigerian army founded? Thanks to the high level of financing, the Nigerian army was always considered as one of the best-armed forces in the entire Africa. It solves all problems connected with the threat to the African safety. In particular, it concerns fight against Boko Haram and various religious collisions. Religious collisions in Nigeria happen between Muslims and Christians. The government of Nigeria participates in this conflict, regularly sending troops and police to stop the massacre. According to a population census in Nigeria, Muslims make the majority of people (50.5%). Christians are the second-large faith and make 48.2% of the population of the country. Royal West African Frontier Force in Nigeria has been created in 1900. These troops have been trained by British. During World War II, they had infantry divisions, which fought in the East African Campaign and in the Far East.

The civil war in Nigeria has increased the number of troops. Nigerian Civil War or Biafran War of Independence (Nigerian-Biafran War) was the armed conflict caused by interethnic contradictions and attempt of separation of east provinces of the country, which have proclaimed the creation of the Republic of Biafra. As a result of the fighting continued from July 1967 to January 1970, the federal Nigerian government managed to restore control over rebellious territories. The civil war in Nigeria is considered the bloodiest conflict of the 60th along with the Vietnamese war. Different sources say that from 700.000 to 3.000.000 people died in this conflict, generally inhabitants of the territories of Biafra, which have become the victims of war crimes, hunger, and diseases. Thus, the number of troops has increased from 18.000 in battalions of infantry to about 126.000 in three divisions by the end of Nigerian civil war in 1970. The task of federal Nigerian army significantly hasn't changed.

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Nigerian Armed Forces are the military organization of the Federal Republic of Nigeria intended for the protection of freedom, independence, and territorial integrity of the state. It consists of land forces, naval, and the Air Force. Nigerian armed forces total about 76.000 servicemen. On arms of Nigerian army, there is equipment, which is generally manufactured in Russia, China, and India. The Nigerian army bought a part of arms also in a number of the western countries. Land forces make the main part of armed forces (60.000 people). The structure of ground forces: the first and second mechanized infantry divisions (are deployed in Kaduna and in Ibadan), the third tank division (deployed in Jos), the 81st division of marines (deployed in Lagos), the 82nd airborne division, and security unit. There is also a division of gunners and engineering battalion.

The navy of Nigeria totals about 7.000 servicemen. It is divided into western and east. On arms of the Navy of Nigeria, there is a frigate, a corvette, several sentry boats, landing boats and several helicopters equipped with large-caliber machine guns. The military and air fleet of Nigeria totals about 9.000 servicemen. On arms of the Air Force of Nigeria, there are about 200 planes and helicopters. The squadron of fighters, two tactical aviation squadrons, two educational and fighting, two means of transport, a communication squadron, a helicopter squadron, an educational squadron are a part of the Air Force of Nigeria. The military age in Nigeria is 18 years. In the case of general mobilization in armed forces, men from 15 to 49 years can be called. The budget of armed forces of Nigeria can reach $500 million a year.

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In the late nineties, the leadership of Nigeria has adopted the large-scale program of re-equipment of national armed forces, in which the paramount attention is paid to military and air forces. In particular, stage-by-stage updating of the plane and land equipment due to purchases abroad and replacements of the equipment, which has worked out the resource, is planned. Also, the possibility of modernization of planes to the level of fighters is considered. Command of the Air Force of Nigeria lays great hopes on the help of the USA, which promises to provide the help in the size of 10 million dollars on the improvement of 12 tactical fighters and six transport planes. The prospect of purchase of additional party of training combat aircraft of the Czech production isn't excluded. It is also supposed to re-open aviation base, which has been closed by the former country leaders. According to plans of the government of Nigeria, it is planned to give 5.8 million dollars for modernization of the outdated equipment and purchase of arms.

Completing of armed forces of this state by staff is made on a voluntary basis from candidates aged from 17 up to 25 years. The minimum service life in divisions of the national Air Force is ten months. Initial and main training of aircrew are made at the flight school in Kaduna, where cadets are trained in skills of piloting at educational aircraft. Upon termination of school, they get primary officer rank and qualification of the pilot. Further pilots of the Air Force of Nigeria have an opportunity to increase their level extremely seldom.
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There is also an official Nigerian army website. You can find the latest Nigerian army news and information about Nigerian army recruitment there.

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