Who is a philanthropist?

What are the different meanings of the world philanthropist and where the first philanthropists appeared? What are the famous philanthropists and what did they spend their money for? Read the information below to find all answers on these questions.

who is the biggest philanthropist

Philanthropist meaning

The word philanthropist is often used in informal conversation. This is the person who just loves people, shows his love to them (the Greek philéo means 'I love', and ánthropos – 'person'). The philanthropist is opposed to the misanthrope, the misanthrope. In this sense, the philanthropy is put in human nature as his survival is possible only in the collective where the principles of mutual aid reign. However, depending on the atmosphere in society, philanthropists, and misanthropes are considered sometimes freaks. In more exact meaning the philanthropist is the one who is engaged in charity, helps poor, weak, distressed people. The love to mankind at the philanthropist is ideally shown both in views and in acts. However, the philanthropist could call in due time any who carried out donations (irrespective of his moral principles). In that case, philanthropy is historically caused tradition of assistance by natives of ruling class to representatives of the lowest classes. In this sense, the first philanthropists have appeared in Ancient Rome. They endowed, generally to appease discontent of the poor people. Religious figures were a philanthropist in true sense not always. The church often used almsgiving or any other charity for strengthening of the authority. Who is a philanthropist today? This is person who can reveal himself from the most attractive party. Of course, if it becomes not for advertising or receiving tax benefits. The philanthropist creates charity foundation or the organization today and develops the program. That the most important, funds are allocated by philanthropists under the specific positive goal: fight against cancer, the help to refugees, support of the deserted children, mitigation of consequences of the accident, etc. The philanthropist to some extent is a synonym of the altruist.

Who is a famous philanthropist?

There are many famous people who spend large sums of money for charity. That’s why it is hard to say who is the biggest philanthropist. So just look at the list of the most popular of them.

  • Michael Jackson supported with the money (hundreds of millions of dollars) activity of 39 charitable organizations and his own charity foundation Heal the World.
  • John Rockefeller has offered 9 million dollars on construction of the building of the UN.

Who is philanthropist in Nigeria

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  • Bill and Melinda Gates. The 58-year-old founder of Microsoft and his 49-year-old spouse are one of the best-known philanthropists of the present. And, considering the size of their money (74 billion dollars), it is clear that they are able to afford to be generous. Their charity foundation is one of the largest and successful in the world. They direct money for improvement of health systems and education worldwide, and also to fight against hunger in poor countries.
  • Warren Edward Buffett. This famous investor with a fortune in nearly 60 billion dollars didn't create fund of his name. And he has only adjoined Bill and Melinda Gates's fund. The 83-year-old man once said that he will give all the funds for charity only after death. But in 2010, probably, he has changed the mind. Then he has given 37 billion dollars to the order of five funds! Today this is the most generous contribution in the history. Since then Buffett continues to please the world with the love to fine and noble gestures.
  • George Soros. Charity foundations of Soros are open in more than 50 countries of the world. Soros has begun to give money for needs which he considers good in 1979. His initiatives were treated equally not everywhere. In some countries, Soros's programs had to be closed up. However, it doesn't disturb him to spend the magnificent sums for charity. For this reason, 83-year-old George Soros is known in the world not only as the investor and the speculator, but also as the prominent philanthropist. Let's note that a main objective of work of all his funds is a support of institutes of open society.

    Who is philanthropist in Nigeria?

    • Tony Elumelu - the former CEO of UBA,
    • Theophilus Danjuma - Former Nigerian Defence Minister and Chairman of South Atlantic Petroleum,
    • Kola Aluko – the billionaire with business interests spanning the oil and gas,
    • Rochas Okorocha - multi billionaire businessman, politician from Imo State,
    • Funso Alakija - a Nigerian businesswoman, one of the richest African women.


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